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Top 5 Spider-Man Costumes

Looking Sharp There Spidey

Insomniac Games’ take on the iconic superhero is just around the corner, and from what we’ve seen and heard so far it has every chance of earning that Game of the Year title. The combat, the bosses, the story and the web-swinging all look top notch, however it looks like the studio weren’t satisfied with just giving fans an updated version of classic Spider-Man 2 game, since it has been revealed you can unlock a multitude of costumes for ol’ web-head to wear along the way, ones that will have far-reaching effects as opposed to just being a gimmick. Four our money, we’re hoping these five make an appearance!

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#5: Miles Morales’ Ultimate Spider-Man

It’s the new suit for the new generation of Spider-Man. Miles Morales, an African-American teen started appearing Marvel’s Ultimate Universe in 2011. He shared the title with Peter Parker for a time, until Parker was killed in a brutal fight against Normal Osborn and The Six. Miles’ costume is very much a omage to his heritage as well as being a modern interpretation to the classic Spider-Man look. The blue was replaced with black, and the design got an entire revamping, becoming one of the more distinct costumes created in recent years.

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#4: Spider-Armor MKI

This Spider-Armor appeared only once in the comics, but its unique aesthetic cemented its status. Worn in 1993’s “Web of Spider-Man #100,” the armor was used to fight the New Enforcers villain team. Being a bulletproof silver-plated suit, it was used to full effect before dissolving in acid and never being replicated. Along with the canonical comics, the suit has appeared in Spider-Man: The Animated Series and a handful of video games.

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#3: Spider-Man 2099

In the year 2099, Miguel O’Hara is the new Spider-Man, and his costume is appropriately futuristic. This comic book spinoff featured Spidey in a radically different blue and red costume with a demonic motif. A red skull-like insignia is plastered on the mask and chest, while sharp tendrils of red adorn the arms and culminate in elbow spines. Also, for the first time in the comics, Spider-Man wears a cape, which resembles a tattered spider’s web. Along with looking incredibly cool, the costume is nearly indestructible, as it was made with the same molecular composition as the Fantastic Four suits.

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#2: Symbiote Suit

As per the comic and film storyline, an alien parasite falls to Earth and bonds with Spider-Man for a time, before joining with Eddie Brock to become the villain Venom. Spidey’s black symbiote costume, in stark contrast with the original, is all black save for the eyes and emblem; giving him a much more menacing look. It was extremely popular among readers, as a new character—the aforementioned Venom—was created solely based on its design. Spider-Man has donned the costume in all types of media, and we can only hope that Spider-Man 3 didn’t ruin Spider-Man’s dark side permanently.

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#1: Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man Suit

When Spider-Man made his big screen debut in 2002, people were understandably amazed with his appearance. This has everything to do with the suit, which is possibly the greatest super-suit ever made for the big screen. It adhered to the classic look, while adding newer stylistic elements to appropriate the generation. Probably the most distinct departure from the original look is the raised web pattern with a silver hue. Sam Raimi’s trilogy is filled with outstanding costumes, as the high level of design did not waver in the sequels.

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