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Danger, Mouse! Are These the Top 4 Celebrities FIRED by Disney?

Gee, who knew the Mickey Mouse Club was so exclusive?

We’re taking a look at celebrities who were let go from Disney either due to poor behaviour, bad press, or contrasting creative visions.

Megan Mullally

Megan Mullally rose to fame with her Primetime Emmy-winning performance as Karen Walker on “Will & Grace.” We can definitely see why Pixar wanted a comedic actress of her caliber onboard for “Finding Nemo.” Mullally made it clear upfront that she was interested in creating an entirely original character for the film. Although the studio initially seemed to be on the same page, Mullally was continually asked to put on her high-pitched Karen persona in the recording booth. After refusing to do so, Mullally was forced to walk the plank. While it’s uncertain who Mullally would’ve played, we could totally see her voicing Deb or her sister Flo, who’re both just as nutty as Karen.


Having the most subscribed channel on YouTube, Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg caught the eye of the Disney-owned Maker Studios with his numerous Let’s Play videos. The Swedish YouTuber signed up with Maker in 2012 and, as you can imagine, became one of the multi-channel network’s hottest commodities. While PewDiePie has made some edgy comments over the years, many felt he crossed a line in 2017 with a video widely construed as anti-Semitic. For the video, PewDiePie hired a couple guys to present a sign reading, “Death to all Jews.” The 27-year-old Internet celebrity quickly issued an apology, saying that he “didn’t think they would actually do it.” Nevertheless, the damage was done and Maker said goodbye to PewDiePie.

Jake Paul

Jake Paul is an acquired taste to say the least. Although he produced the second most disliked video on YouTube, his popularity helped him to score the role of Dirk Mann on Disney Channel’s “Bizaardvark.” When KTLA ran a segment on Paul in 2017, however, it was revealed that he had thrown furniture into an empty swimming pool and set it on fire, much to the chagrin of his neighbors. Paul left “Bizaardvark” amidst its second season and later confirmed that Disney had fired him over the KTLA report. In regards to this experience, Paul said he felt “like a zoo animal.” We imagine Lampwick felt the same way when he turned into a donkey.

James Gunn

Even when an artist gets their act together, the past can come back to haunt them. With the first two “Guardians of the Galaxy” movies, James Gunn took an obscure Marvel property and turned it into a household name. It’s hard to imagine this franchise without Gunn, which made it all the more shocking when Disney kicked him off of “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.” Gunn’s termination stemmed from a series of tweets he posted several years earlier regarding rape and pedophilia. Disney’s actions were met with a backlash from fans, journalists, and even celebrities, including the “Guardians” cast. Although a petition to reinstate Gunn attracted thousands of signatures, it hasn’t shifted Disney’s decision.


Who do you think is the biggest celebrity terminated by Big Mouse?


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