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Top 5 Great Anime Tie-In Films

The Story Isn’t Over Yet!

Whether its narrative managed to conclude on a satisfactory note or not, nowadays it seems that every anime and its cousin are getting their own movie. While some of these are nothing more than condensed versions of their own series, others are expansions that offer fans another chance to dive into the lives of their favourite characters. While many of them amount to nothing more than mediocre outings, a select few have not only gone onto continue the narrative, but also enrich it. These five flicks stand as key examples of how to take what was great about the original and add a cinematic explosion to the mix!

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#5: “Kuroko’s Basketball: Last Game” (2017)

When a group of talented yet egotistical American basketball players insult all Japan, they find themselves challenged to a revenge match by none other than the Generation of Miracles. After three full seasons of watching Kuroko take on his old teammates, fans finally got to see the likes of Akashi, Aomine, Midorima and the rest unite in order to show a group of thugs that Japan’s love for the sport was not to be underestimated. There’s enough Zone action here to satisfy everyone!

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#4: “The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya” (2010)

Leave it to Haruhi to flip everything on its head. After finding that his reality has been changed, everyone’s favourite cynic Kyon desperately tries to hunt down Haruhi in order to return things back to the way they were. Each member of the SOS Brigade gets a moment to shine here, though Kyon’s declaration about his true feelings for Haruhi is easily the film’s highlight. It’s a great mystery that will keep fans on the edge of their seat, especially when the world-ending aspect gets thrown in.

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#3: “The History of Trunks” (1993)

While this powerhouse of a shounen is well-known for its fight scenes, it’s here that fans got to see just how dark and heartfelt Toriyama’s work could get. Set in an alternate future where the androids have made quick work of humanity, we see Trunks train under a much older Gohan in order to live up to his Saiyan heritage. While the skirmishes against 17 and 18 are pretty epic, what’s most surprising about this flick is just how much emotional weight it has behind it. You really started to understand Trunk’s desperation after witnessing what kind of hell awaits mankind unless the android menace was defeated.

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#2: “Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie Part III: Rebellion” (2013)

Don’t worry about that Part Three, this film is a direct sequel to the original series, and somehow manages to inject even more darkness into its magical girl frame. Focusing on resident badass Homura, it slowly becomes clear something ominous is afoot in the wake of Madoka’s sacrifice, leading her to clash with her friends while in search of the truth. The action here is out of this world, while the turmoil of the cast will leave you feeling like your soul has left your body. Fair warning folks, this movie is the most brutal definition of bittersweet you’re likely to see.

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#1: “The End of Evangelion” (1997)

Whereas the original series concluded on a slightly melancholy if confusing note, this fresh take on Evangelion’s ending is the equivalent of a nuclear explosion have a fever dream. The world is brought to the edge, Gendo loses his mind, Asuka goes on one of the bloodiest rampages in anime, while Shinji somehow manages to go through even more mental trauma than before. It may not be to everyone’s tastes, but you can’t deny just how much of a splash this film made.

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