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Top 5 Spider-Man Comics You Should Read

Here Comes The Spider-Maaaaaaaaan!

The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s take on the web-head has gone down a treat, with Tom Holland’s portrayal of a much younger Spidey leading the way for new narratives, character interpretations, as well as interactions with other iconic heroes. While we’re fully expecting him to show up in the upcoming Avengers 4, it looks like he’s already hard at work on the sequel to Homecoming, entitled Far From Home. Who knows what obstacles its going to throw the wall-crawler’s way, but lets hope it involves some of these iconic storylines!

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Fair warning, there are SPOILERS AHEAD!

#5: Nothing Can Stop the Juggernaut
“Amazing Spider-Man #229-30” (1982)

This story may not be as emotional as some of the others on the list, but it is a true David and Goliath tale as Spider-Man attempts to stop the Juggernaut. One of the things that makes Spidey so popular is his determination and the fact that he never gives up, no matter how tough things get. This is on full display in this story as the Juggernaut continually beats on Spidey, but our hero never gives up, and eventually is able to defeat the monstrous powerhouse.

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#4: Venom
“Amazing Spider-Man #300” (1988)

You just knew that Stan Lee would have something special in store for his 300th issue of the “Amazing Spider-Man”, and he did not disappointing. Spidey has taken on a lot of villains over the years, but never one quite like Venom, who is essentially a twisted mirror image of the web-crawler. Spider-Man is able to defeat Venom and ditch his black suit for the classic red and blue costume, but Venom would become one of the most dangerous villains Spidey would face for years to come.

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#3: Kraven’s Last Hunt
“Amazing Spider-Man #293-294” (1987)

When you think of scary Spider-Man villains, Kraven the Hunter probably isn’t high on the list. That changes in this story arc. The once laughable villain becomes obsessed with hunting Spider-Man, and eventually captures him and buries him alive. While Spider-Man is eventually able to escape, Kraven refuses to fight the web-crawler, believing himself to be the victor. He eventually commits suicide, capping one of the grittier Spider-Man stories ever told.

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#2: Spider-Man No More
Amazing Spider-Man #50 (1967)

It is no secret that Peter Parker gets frustrated with his role as Spider-Man and threatens to quit several different times, but in this issue he truly seems serious as he gives up the costume in an effort to live a normal life. In one of the most iconic panels of the “Amazing Spider-Man” series, Peter walks away in the rain as he leaves the costume in a trash can. This story does an excellent job at showing the difficulties of being a superhero, and was one of the major plotlines of Spider-Man 2.

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#1: The Death of Gwen Stacy
Amazing Spider-Man #121 (1973)

Easily the most iconic comics in the Spider-Man universe and perhaps comic book history, this story is considered to be the end of the Silver Age of comic books. Gwen Stacy was Peter Parker’s first true love, and most readers just assumed that the two would get married and live happily ever after. However Gwen was killed during a brutal battle between Spider-Man and the Green Goblin. What made her death even more tragic was the fact that saving Gwen is what killed her as her as the whiplash from Spidey’s webbing breaks her neck.

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