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Are These the Best Three Roles from the Amazing Josh Brolin?

You know that an actor’s good when they’re the one redeemable thing in a movie like “Jonah Hex.”

Let’s look at three of the most iconic roles for this Than-tastic thespian who has only gotten better with age.

Llewelyn Moss
“No Country for Old Men” (2007)

Javier Bardem’s Oscar-winning turn as Anton Chigurh might’ve garnered more attention, but Brolin’s performance as Llewelyn Moss was just as essential to this movie’s success. Upon stumbling upon a suitcase of cash, Moss becomes the target in a game of cat and mouse. As crafty as Moss may be, he soon comes to realize that there’s no such thing as a clean getaway. Charismatic while also being understated, Moss encompasses all of Brolin’s strengths as an actor. While he had already been doing steady work as a character actor for over two decades, this was the role that propelled him to another level of popularity, helping to single out Brolin as one of the greats.

“Avengers: Infinity War” (2018)

Just a couple weeks before appearing as Cable, Brolin stole the show in another Marvel blockbuster. Over the course of several years, the MCU built up Thanos as the biggest bad in the franchise’s history. When the character was finally given time to shine in “Avengers: Infinity War,” Brolin didn’t disappoint with his emotive motion-capture and voice performance. It’s not Thanos’ powers or Infinity Gauntlet that make him an interesting villain per se. It’s that he actually views himself as the hero of this story, even willing to make personal sacrifices for what he considers the greater good. A perfect marriage between an actor and special effects, Thanos is as real as CGI characters get.

“Deadpool 2” (2018)

A cybernetic man from the future who goes back in time to prevent the death of his family, Cable is an ideal comedic foil for Deadpool. Where the Merc with a Mouth talks a mile a minute, Brolin portrays Cable as a stoic solider who’ll stop at nothing to complete his mission. Unlike some of the characters from the DC Universe, however, Cable isn’t a complete stick in the mud. Despite having a no-nonsense attitude, he can still get a laugh from his master-of-fact reactions to Deadpool’s absurd antics. When you’re acting opposite a character as hilarious as Deadpool, keeping a straight face isn’t easy, but the cool, composed Brolin pulls it off flawlessly.

What’s your fave Josh Brolin role?

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