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Top 5 Comic Book Anti-Heroes

They Aren’t Playing Nice

Not every hero can shine as brightly as Superman, nor can they refrain from killing like Batman. Sometimes, a comic book character has to get down and dirty in order to do what they think is right, which just might include the occasional slaughter of supervillains, criminals and other scumbags. In that regard, they don’t get much dirtier than these five dispensers of bloody justice.

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#5: Catwoman

Originally created as a straight-up villain, Catwoman is a thief that has a moral code all her own – and if you cross it, you’ll pay the price. At times smitten with Batman and others not so much, which is understandable considering he’s the man who has thwarted her criminal schemes over and over again, Catwoman’s MO is not to go out into the night to fight crime like Bruce. Rather, she’ll save lives when she can along the way.

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#4: Rorschach

The son of an abusive mother who was also a prostitute, Walter Kovacs’ growing disgust toward the criminal element seems natural. But it was after tangling with a man who killed a little girl that he was truly stripped of any empathy and he became a ruthless vigilante. Spending the rest of his life fighting criminals, never considering that he had become one himself, Rorschach soon became a scourge of the criminal world. So when he himself was sent to prison, he seemed to be at great risk. Instead, he continued to destroy criminals while behind bars! In short, everyone should fear him as he’s always watching and uncompromising.

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#3: Spawn

When a government operative makes the mistake of questioning his superiors, they send his friend and partner to kill him in grisly fashion. Once dead, Al Simmons finds himself in hell because of the innocents he killed before his death. He makes a deal to re-join the living in order to see his wife and comes back in the form of Spawn. Once back on Earth, his attention turns to the wicked and he brutally kills those who he thinks deserve to be killed as well as any others who cross him.

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#2: Deadpool

Never has a nickname been more apt for someone than the Merc with a Mouth, as Deadpool is as likely to kill you as he is to mock you and everything you stand for. Originally a villain, when he began to take part in the “Heroes for Hire” comic titles, Deadpool also began to take jobs to kill or steal for good, which subsequently began a change in the character’s behavior and goals. Despite this, he still has zero issues killing when needed.

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#1: The Punisher

When Frank Castle’s family was killed, he was reborn as The Punisher, a man consumed by a desire to punish criminals and the corrupt with extreme prejudice. Using his military training to dispatch anyone unfortunate enough to find themselves in his crosshairs, The Punisher may be a force for good as he destroys the wicked – but he is no choir boy. Unarguably one of the most violent characters to come out of mainstream comics, in the heart of this predator there is no sympathy left for anyone.

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