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Get Stoked for Soccer with the Best World Cup Songs!


It’s finally time again for one of the world’s greatest sporting events. Okay, maybe THE greatest.

Let’s look at some of the most popular or influential songs that were used as anthems to represent the FIFA World Cup Tournament.

World in Motion (1990)
New Order

In addition to Giorgio Moroder’s 1990 World Cup anthem, the Italian games that year also had an unofficial song, one that also brought the electronic thunder. New Order were formed from the ashes of post-punk icons Joy Division, and adapted a dance-friendly ’80s aesthetic to their formerly gloomy sound, achieving a number of hits in the process. “World in Motion” was a smash for New Order, serving as their only number one hit at home, and even featured a guest rap verse from one of the English players, John Barnes. The whole affair is cheeky and light hearted, but also infectious and fun.

Wavin’ Flag (Coca-Cola Celebration Mix) (2010)

This song was originally recorded by Somali hip-hop/reggae fusion artist K’naan, and released on his 2009 album “Troubadour.” “Wavin’ Flag” has seen a long life over the years, having been remade by a host of Canadian artists, including Drake and Avril Lavigne, for the charity group Young Artists for Haiti following the 2010 Haiti earthquake. The song would be adopted yet again in 2010 by the Coca-Cola Company to promote that year’s World Cup in South Africa, and was released as a “Coca-Cola Celebration” mix, complete with anthemic “whoah-ohs” and a simple, yet memorable chorus.

“The Cup of Life (La Copa de la Vida)” (1998)
Ricky Martin

Odds are pretty good that even casual soccer fans are familiar with this hit from Latin pop icon Ricky Martin. “La Copa de la Vida” was released in Spanish and English versions, with video clips for both, and is carved from the same stone of funky pop that Martin known for. The song is immediate in its mission to get you up, out of your seat and dancing, serving as the perfect anthem for the 1998 World Cup games in France. We’ll take a double shot from this “Cup of Life” please!

So, what’s your favorite Word Cup anthem?

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