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Top 5 Craziest Things In The Death Stranding Trailer

What Are We Even Looking At?

Hideo Kojima’s triumphant return to the gaming scene following his departure from Konami has brought with it what just might be the most cryptically anticipated game in modern memory. While E3 provided a platform for Death Stranding to show off more of its story and gameplay, fans ended up being bombarded with staggering visuals, a beautiful soundtrack and a whole lot of questions. We still can’t get these particular moments out of our heads!

#5: Léa Seydoux

It’s hard to tell if this acclaimed French actress will be playing a friend or foe to Norman Reedus’ Sam, regardless there is certainly an air of mystery around her that’s almost unsettling, even if you exclude her retractable spike shoulder pads and awesome if impracticable umbrella.  The way she cries when the hand-print ghost approaches, her mentioning of DOOMs, the fact she works for something known as Fragile Express, the list goes on. We can only imagine what kind of weirdness she will bring to the table with future encounters.

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#4: The Child

Somewhat expanding on the previous trailer, we once again got to witness the infant trapped inside the container. Surrounded by phantoms, Sam awakens it in order to activate some kind of tracking device, allowing him to see brief glimpses of his unseen enemies in the rain. While we’re sure that there are more to these newborns that meets the eye, for the most part it looks like they’ll be serving as our last line of defense.

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#3: The Ghosts

We still have no idea what these things are, what they want, or why getting grappled by them leads to giant craters being formed. From the brief moments of exposition we were given, it seems these phantasms don’t necessarily kill, rather their victim seems to always find a way back from death. Knowing Kojima’s tendency to approach villains from all manner of unique angles, we’re sure that these things will still find a way to terrify us even without the fear of getting a game over screen.

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#2: Timefall

The central motif that guides the entire game, we had heard mention of this phenomenon several times over in previous trailers, but it was this latest one that clued us in a little more as to what we would be dealing with. An otherworldly rain that accelerates the flow of time, we can imagine that being caught in its downpour would make for a rather unpleasant experience. We hope Léa Seydoux  lets us borrow her umbrella.

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#1: Cryptobiote

What…what’s happening here? Why is she crunching down on what appears to be a tiny bug/fetus/thing? Why does she have to chew so loudly so we can hear the bones crunch?! This is more unsettling that anything we saw in Phantom Pain! 

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