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Top 5 Iconic Moments From The Incredibles


When Pixar’s super-powered family exploded onto screens all those years ago, they not only gave us one of the studio’s best animated features but also a standout example of how to craft an engaging superhero film. To this day, the Incredibles’ debut stands in the upper echelons of the genre, even rivalling the best of what Marvel has to offer. Now that their sequel has finally arrived on our doorstep, we’re going to be counting down the Parr’s greatest moments from their original cinematic outing!

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#5: The Plane

By far the tensest scene in the entire film, Helen and the kids find themselves in grave danger when Syndrome launches a pair of missiles to blow them out of the sky, all the while Bob struggles and begs for him to spare his family. The only thing more potent that watching the plane go up in flames is seeing Mr Incredible lose himself to his rage, even threatening to kill Mirage unless Syndrome releases him. The sense of loss and fear for his family is utterly palpable, even if we all knew deep down that the rest of the Incredibles had survived the explosion.

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#4: Syndrome

Who would have guessed a vengeful fanboy would have turned out to be one of animation’s most intriguing villains? After finding himself beaten down by an improved version of the Omnidroid, Mr Incredible comes face to face with his once greatest fan, who fell into a life of crime after his idol rejected him. He may be morally dubious and selfish as can be but it can’t be denied Syndrome’s motivations are still understandable, his introduction cementing just how painfully human he is.

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#3: The Final Battle

Everything we could want in a climactic action sequence is delivered right here in spades. With the Omnidroid now out of control, it takes the combined powers of the whole family as well as Frozone in order to finish it off. Everyone gets a moment to shine here, all the while giving us a satisfying conclusion that didn’t feel rushed or out of nowhere. Smart, explosive and well-paced, this clash highlighted the Parr’s at their superheroic peak.

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#2: No Capes

Outside of the costumed crime-fighters, the one character that managed to steal the show was hands down Edna Mode. A costume designer for superheroes, Edna instantly won us over with her intense levels of sass, self-assurance, and frequent use of the word darling. While its difficult to pin down her greatest moment, we have to go with the anecdote she shares with Bob about the impracticality of capes. Who knew so many heroes had met their end because of poorly designed outfits?

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#1: Where’s My Super Suit?!

The scene that had audiences everywhere in pain from just how much they were laughing. Even amidst the Omnidroid’s rampage, the film finds a way to inject a burst of comedy, one that just so happens to involve Frozone’s desperate search for his Super Suit. Unfortunately, his wife seems to have misplaced it and is rather adamant about him not running off to do any daring doo. After all, she’s been planning their dinner date for a while now, plus she is the greatest good he is ever going to get.

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