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Top 5 Moments From Doom 2016

A Man Of Few Words And Plenty Of Bullets

After so many years in development hell, the return of the Doom Guy and his signature shotgun seemed like a dream for fans of the franchise. How ironic that his resurrection would fling gamers into an actual hellscape, wherein they would discover one of the most enjoyable and well-crafted modern FPS in years. With countless demons to slaughter, oodles of weapons to choose from and a narrative that even manages to be nuanced at times, Doom 2016 was a bloodsoaked gem of a game. No wonder it’s found itself a sequel in the upcoming Doom Eternal.

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With a new hellish battleground on the horizon, what better time to count down our armored protagonist’s most recent escapdes?

Fair warning, there are SPOILERS AHEAD!

#5: The Chainsaw

Despite having all manner of firearms at our disposal, sometimes the best weapon for the job done is a handy little chainsaw. Providing the goriest glory kills in the game, the Doom Slayer’s acquisition of this weapon added another layer of brutal fun for players. Always reliable for getting out of a pinch, watching our viscous hero dismember his demonic foes with surprising ease never got old, especially when it was one of the more challenging minions of hell stuck on the receiving end of its blade.

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#4: Enter Hell

Despite shooting our way through the demon-infested facilities of Mars, we still weren’t fully prepared to be suddenly flung into the depths of the underworld. Greeted with a landscape crafted to represent fear, pain and savagery, we were left with no choice but to kill every demon between us and the exit back to the world of the living. The change in aesthetic wasn’t only welcome, but it managed to raise the tension of this visceral shooter sky-high. After all, we were now on their home turf.

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#3: Awakening

What better way to start the game than by immediately introducing newcomers to the unfiltered badassery that is the Doom Slayer. Even when surrounded by demons and chained naked to a coffin, he still found a way to power through the danger by breaking through his restraints and easily dispatching each foe he came across. Of course, the crowning moment came when he recovered his old Power Armor; subsequently suiting up in order to butcher every monster he could get his hands on.

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#2: Cyberdemon

An enemy as synonymous with the series as the Doom Guy himself, the boss battle against this behemoth was all we could have wanted. Armed with weapons of its own, players had to gun down this brute on both Mars and in the plains of hell, with each skirmish being equally as exhilarating. After finally managing to shoot away the last of its health, you truly felt like the warrior that the hell tomes spoke of. It’s not everyday you get to blast away a robot demon with a rocket launcher after all.

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#1: BFG 9000

Everyone knew that it was coming, yet it still managed to blow away our expectations. As the strongest weapon in the game, players were put through their paces in order to obtain the Big F**king Gun 9000 via puzzles, traps and numerous enemies. However, the prize proved to be more than worth the effort, since a single shot managed to reduce a whole slew of approaching demons to ashes. Considering there’s nothing that can withstand its overwhelming power, it quickly became a welcome addition to our arsenal.

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