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Top 5 How To Train Your Dragon Moments

“They Have Their Armadas…But We Have Dragons!”

Boasting beautiful visuals, a sweeping sense of scale and a heartwarming tale of friendship between a village pariah and a fire-spiting entity, the How To Train Your Dragon franchise has managed to capture the imagination and glee of audiences worldwide. With an upcoming threequel set to conclude Hiccup and Toothless’ story, what better time to look back over their many misadventures together?

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Fair warning, there are SPOILERS AHEAD! 

#5: Heart of a Chief, Soul of a Dragon

With his father dead by the flames of a brainwashed Toothless, Hiccup is understandably at his lowest point. However, instead of turning to despair, he finds the will to finally accept his role as a leader thanks to the support of Astrid and his mother. After giving Stoick a proper viking send off, Hiccup reassures his people that he will guide and protect them up no matter what Drago Bludvist sends their way. Hard to believe this is the same scrawny kid from Berk we were introduced to one movie ago.

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#4: Bewilderbeast Brawl

A towering dragon capable of unleashing burst of ice with a single breath, this creature was by far the most awe-inspiring of the series’ entire roster. The only thing more impressive? Having two of them square off in a duel to the death. After revealing he too had an alpha dragon in his possession, Drago managed to turn the tide of the battle when his corrupted Bewilderbeast gored down the benevolent beast that had helped Valka guard the dragon sanctuary, leading the way for him to take Toothless for his own.

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#3: Family Reunion

It may have been rather short-lived but seeing Hiccup reunited with both his mother and father was one of the series’ highlights, purely for the amount of feels it sent our way. Stoick and Valka’s first interaction in years, Gob’s pitch-perfect comedic timing, Hiccup’s look of childhood innocence, the way the whole family ends up bursting out into song to celebrate; the sense of merriment and goodwill in this scene is surprisingly overpowering!

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#2: Vs. Red Death

Everyone got a lot more they bargained for when this monster emerged from the dragon’s nest. With a massive frame, nasty temper and tendency to obliterate everything in sight, Hiccup and Toothless were up against near impossible odds when they engaged the wicked creature in a sky battle. Tense, fast-paced and serving as one hell of a conclusion to an emotional roller-coaster of a debut film, seeing the pair take out the Goliath of dragons with a well-timed blast was wholly satisfying.

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#1: First Flight

Not only did this scene solidify Hiccup and Toothless’ bond but it also gave us the franchise’s most stunning piece of animation to date. After a flying attempt goes awry, the pair discover how well they mesh as both dragon and rider, leading to the two soaring across the sky and ocean, totally swept away by the experience. Needless to say, we’re right up there with Hiccup as we take in the majesty of the world that can only come when you’re flying across its surface.

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