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These Are Some of the Greatest TV Shows of ALL TIME

It’s time for the ultimate binge.

Let’s take a look at a few of the absolute best and most significant television shows ever to hit the airwaves.

Given the sheer amount of quality content out there, this is just a tiny sample. So, don’t be too disappointed if your favorite show didn’t make the cut.

The Simpsons

“The Simpsons” is frequently cited as the greatest animated program ever, but people sometimes forget that it’s also one of the most influential comedies in all television. Matt Groening’s creation possesses a distinctive animation style that we all recognize, but what really sticks with us are the immortal one-liners, clever storylines, and timeless characters. Speaking of timeless, 2018 saw “The Simpsons” officially surpass “Gunsmoke” as America’s longest-running scripted primetime series in regards to episodes. The show has even proven to be ahead of its time, predicting everything from Donald Trump’s presidential victory to Disney’s proposed purchase of Fox. Even if the later seasons can’t compete with the golden years, “The Simpsons” will always be special.

Breaking Bad

“Breaking Bad” may very well be the most addictive show on this list, which is fitting given its subject matter. Being mostly known for his comedic roles at the time, Bryan Cranston might’ve seemed like an unlikely candidate to play chemistry teacher Walter White. Since chemistry is the science of change, however, this casting choice turned out to be ingenious on multiple levels. Over the course of five tightly plotted, meticulously crafted seasons, we watch this cancer-ridden family man evolve into a ruthless meth kingpin. Where most shows peak in quality early on, “Breaking Bad” somehow managed to outdo itself every passing year, accumulating to an ending that left everybody on just the right note.

The Sopranos

When “The Sopranos” made its debut in 1999, TV shows weren’t widely known for being cinematic. David Chase’s gripping drama forever raised the bar with writing, direction, and performances on par with the greatest mob movies ever made. The show additionally touched upon an archetype that would become increasingly popular in the years to come: the antihero. While Tony Soprano may be a violent criminal, he’s also a family man trying to maintain balance in both of his worlds. Shifting between being despicable and sympathetic, Tony was a different kind of protagonist for television audiences. He’s just one of the many reasons why “The Sopranos” helped usher in a golden age for the small screen.

What are your fave shows of all time?


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