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Top 5 Things Red Dead Redemption 2 Needs To Get Right

Get Ready For One Last Ride

Following on from the masterpiece that was John Marston’s original outing, Rockstar finally looks primed to unleash it’s most anticipated sequel since Grand Theft Auto V. Serving as something of a prequel, players will find themselves taking on the role of outlaw Arthur Morgan, who finds himself fighting against the last days of the old west. Needless to say, we can’t wait to see what the juggernaut developers have cooked up for us this time, though that’s not to say we don’t have some concerns going in. As long as they perfect these particular aspects, we have no doubt Red Dead Redemption 2 could easily shoot its way up to game of the year.

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#5: Less Down Time When Traveling

As gorgeous as Red Dead Redemption’s world was, there’s no denying that sometimes it could feel a little…empty. Traveling long distances by horseback, if you decided to forego fast travel, always provided breathtaking scenery, but there wasn’t much to do or find. Sure, there were a few odd stagecoaches or bandits along the way, but for the most part, it was simple A to B riding. Since this is Rockstar we’re talking about, the scale of the world is a guarantee, but we’re curious to see how much depth and density there will be to fill it in.

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#4: A PC Release

We all know what Rockstar is going to do: the game will come out exclusively on the PS4 and Xbox One, and after a year or so, a PC release will be announced with a bunch of gameplay additions, enhanced graphics, and a bunch of other extra stuff to make you feel better about waiting so long. How about, instead of that, they just release the game on PC to begin with? This game could be spectacular with mod support (unless Take-Two takes it away from us again), they wouldn’t upset the PC faithful who love their games, and they wouldn’t be accused of double-dipping. It’s a win-win-win, as far as we’re concerned.

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#3: Less Restrictive Missions

Open worlds have evolved over the years, and series’ like The Legend of Zelda have evolved with them, complete with expansive quests and ambitious missions. However, Rockstar has more or less stuck with their mission design from Grand Theft Auto III, which is basically get an order, drive to x, kill people, drive to y, complete. It’s become a bit predictable. While Redemption’s missions were fun, most of them followed a version of this formula, and it would be great if the sequel broke the mold and truly opened up our options.

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#2: Intricate Heists

Remember what we said about creating gangs and becoming badass outlaws? Just imagine what that would feel like while robbing a passing steam locomotive. While Grand Theft Auto Online is a bit hit or miss, there’s no denying that its detailed and co-operative heists are spectacular, as they truly make you feel like a badass criminal. It would be mind-blowing if Rockstar implemented heists into the online portion of RDR 2, whether that be robbing well-protected stagecoaches, passing trains, or banks. Hey, it’s not pretty business, but it would be a hell of a lot of fun.

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#1: RDR Online

While Rockstar has announced that there will be an online portion to the game, they haven’t discussed any details, leaving many of us to ponder how it’s going to be implemented. This is a touchy subject for some, and Rockstar absolutely needs to perfect the formula in order to not repeat the same mistakes they did with GTA Online. While things like online gangs, heists, and free roam would be great, other things like Shark Cards, bugs, terrible servers, and foregoing the campaign to serve multiplayer would only take away from the single player experience. But, if they nail it, you can be sure to find us on RDR Online.

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