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“Infinity War” Changed the MCU FOREVER

Well . .. that was intense.

Nothing in the MCU will be the same after the insanely shocking developments in “Avengers: Infinity War”.

Here are some of the biggest upheavals in the MCU.

Spoiler Alert!!

Thor’s Got a New Weapon

The God of Thunder lost a lot in “Thor: Ragnarok,” including his hammer. Thor suffered an even greater loss in “Infinity War” with the deaths of numerous Asgardians aboard his spacecraft. Hell-bent on stopping Thanos, Thor sets out to make a weapon on par with Mjolnir. Along with Groot and Rabbit – um, we mean Rocket – Thor travels to Nidavellir and enlists the help of a giant dwarf named Eitri. (P.S., best use of Peter Dinklage ever?) Together, our heroes forge a battle-axe dubbed Stormbreaker. Thor actually comes close to slaying Thanos with his new weapon. If only he had aimed for his head. Nevertheless, Stormbreaker is sure to come in handy again in “Avengers 4.”

Saving Tony Stark


The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few… unless you’re Iron Man. Although Doctor Strange spends much of the movie protecting the Time Stone at all cost, he gives it up in order to prevent Thanos from killing Tony Stark. Although Tony’s life is spared, this decision puts countless others in jeopardy. As risky as this gamble might’ve been, Strange only foresaw one possible future where Thanos doesn’t come out on top. With Strange’s final words being, “It was the only way,” we can assume that Tony is integral to Thanos’ defeat. While Iron Man has always been a major player in the MCU, his value just went to infinity and beyond.

Half of the Universe Is Gone

Now that’s a cliffhanger! In one fell swoop, Thanos wiped out half of all life in the universe. The lengthy list of casualties included Black Panther, Drax, Doctor Strange, Falcon, Groot, Maria Hill, Nick Fury, Scarlet Witch, Spider-Man, Star-Lord, and the Winer Solider. Granted, we have a hard time believing any of these characters will remain dead, especially since some of them have sequels on the horizon. Even if the remaining Avengers find a way to bring them back, though, such an endeavor would likely come with great sacrifice. In any case, the MCU is going to look a lot different as it enters its fourth phase and a 22-movie arc comes to a close.


What was your most intense MCU-altering moment from “Infinity War”?


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