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Top 5 TV Devils

Better To Rule On Prime Time

Whether they’re literally creating hell on Earth or raking in the laughs, the Lord of the Inferno has managed to prove himself quite the bankable star over the years. From sympathetic antagonists all the way to hilariously animated caricatures, these five demonic portrayals will have you yelling “hail Satan” at your television screen before you know it!

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#5: Satan
“South Park” (1997-)

Leave it to this show to do the utterly ridiculous and sacrilegious! Matt Stone and Trey Parker depict the devil as a big, red, bull-like creature who’s out to wreak havoc on South Park. Voiced by Parker, he’s a schemer with a gentle side and a great singing voice. Oh, and he’s also a hopeless romantic who’s had his share of memorable lovers – most notably Saddam Hussein. Y’know what? This Satan’s basically a big softie in gym shorts!

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#4: The Devil aka Jerry Belvedere
“Reaper” (2007-09)

In a show about the devil’s reapers, you’d expect the devil to be the ultimate kingpin of Hell. Portrayed by Ray Wise, “Reaper”’s devil is a smooth-talking dude, reminiscent of gangster in his three-piece suit. Despite his human appearance, he has teleportation abilities and superhuman strength. There have been multiple attempts to bring him down, but his only real weakness is his love of ice cream, which melts when he touches it.

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#3: Killer BOB
“Twin Peaks” (1990-91)

Perhaps the creepiest entry on our list, BOB is more of a demonic spirit. Coming from an alternate plane called Black Lodge, he comes to Twin Peaks often to possess unassuming residents, which makes BOB an exciting character since you never know when he’ll show up – or as who. A few other strange BOB facts: he shape-shifts and travels as an owl, and feeds on the negative feelings of humans, called “garmonbozia,” which look like creamed corn…

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#2: Ned Flanders
“The Simpsons” (1989-)

After Homer says he’ll sell his soul for a donut, the devil appears as the Simpsons’ squeaky-clean neighborino Ned Flanders. When Homer fails to uphold his end of the bargain, he’s sent to Hell where Flanders tortures him within an inch of his life – well, sorta. Viewers get a kick out of seeing mild-mannered Flanders show an angry side and triple in size when enraged.

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#1: Robot Devil
“Futurama” (1999-2003, 2008-13)

Also known as “Beelzebot,” this devil presides over Robot Hell, the pit of punishment for robots who’ve sinned. He’s over-the-top as they come, a fan of gambling and gets a kick out of coming up with degrading punishments. As Robot Devil can pretty much do anything, it’s not unusual to see him producing fire from his hand at will. But his best talents by far have to be playing the gold fiddle and screaming in the girliest manner imaginable.

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