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Top 3 Worst Video Game Music

Cover Your Ears While You Still Can!

Much like the medium itself, video game music has excelled over the years to the point where it can stand shoulder to shoulder with the giants of cinema. Whether it’s epic scores or just a casual track to fill in the time, you can count on all great games to have equally mesmerising soundtracks. Just take a listen to the likes of Journey, Uncharted, The Last of Us, God of War and Dragon Age. Of course, for every masterpiece, there’s bound to be failures.

We’re not just talking about regular old failures here, we’re talking about the bottom of the barrel. The kind of tracks that would make a composer suffer a nervous breakdown. In that regard, these three entries are true marvels!

#3: Title Screen
“The Adventures of Rad Gravity” (1990)

We’re certainly not trying to discourage people from playing this classic. After all, the protagonist has  chin that even Bruce Campbell would be jealous of. However, we just can’t excuse the music from the title screen. We’re pretty sure the more you listen, the more your brain comes closer to melting. Prepare to be drowned out by random gibberish bursting from your speakers to the point where you’re questioning whether you accidentally smoked something.

#2: Mansion Basement
“Resident Evil: Director’s Cut” (1997)

To capitalise on the success of the original Resident Evil, Capcom decided to re-release it the following year with brand new modes and a completely different soundtrack. They probably should have kept the original basement tune intact, as the new version can only be describes as a choir of geese trying to make a tune. Sadly, composer Mamoru Samuragochi was starting to lose his hearing around time, and actually hired a ghost-writer to compose most of the music. We’re not sure which one of the two are to blame for the geese, but either way, its memorable for all the wrong reasons.

#1: Crazy Bus
“Crazy Bus” (2004)

Not only is this easily the worst piece of music ever composed for a video game, but the sound itself is so terrible that we wouldn’t be shocked if its a stone’s throw away from being considered a weapon of mass destruction. Can this thing even be considered in the same realm as song? The melody seems to be be made up of screeches made for the singular purpose of shattering both our ears and souls. Honestly, listening to a legion of actual buses speeding down a road would be preferable.

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