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Top 3 Adorable Video Game Villains

Evil Has Never Looked So Cute!

When we think of video game villains, most of the time we imagine creatures or individuals that embody the scariest aspects of humanity. You have heartless machines, monstrous deities, charming serial killers and everything else inbetween. However, it’s rare that you find an antagonist who is undoubtedly wicked in their intentions, but also looks cute as a button while committing their dark deeds.

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While we aren’t excusing any of the atrocities these three committed during the course of their respective games, we can’t deny that they have adorableness down to a tee!

Fair warning, there are SPOILERS AHEAD!

#3: Potato GLaDOS
“Portal 2” (2011)

While in her regular form, GLaDOS was a soulless and sadistic being that took great pleasure in pushing the player to take part in a series of deadly experiments. However, as we would soon learn in the sequel, there was much more to this robot than meets the optical lens. After being dethroned by Wheatley, our former tormentor is turned into a potato. Not only is she far less threatening in this form, but her sass levels practically sky-rocket. Before long, we started to treasure every moment spent with our spuddy nemesis!

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#2: Flowey
“Undertale” (2015)

Sure, he loses a few cuteness points when he breaks out one of his many murder faces, plus his final form is truly the stuff of nightmares, but this little flower still managed to ensnare us with its deceptively simple form. Even while taunting Frisk about the kill or be killed way of the world, his innocent smile couldn’t help but inspire a few “awws” out of us. Should you consistently pursue the Pacifist route, there’s every chance you’ll be able to see past his monstrous persona and see the broken child inside.

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#1: Plague Knight
“Shovel Knight” (2014)

When we first meet this member of The Order of No Quarter, he came across as nothing more than a alchemist with both penchant for explosions and size complex. Not exactly the most intimidating of enemies. However, its in Plague of Shadows where this knight really gets to shine, as we see the endearing motive that lies behind his devious methods. Needless to say, he managed to capture our hearts almost instantly, even if he still likes to make things go kaboom.

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