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Top 3 Animated Superman Moments

Forever The Boyscout

The Man of Tomorrow has cemented himself as a beacon of hope among all superheroes. While not without his flaws, Superman has shown on repeated occasions that he strives to be the best that a person can possibly be, no matter the personal cost. While many mediums have tackled his character, some of his most inspiring moments were shown through his various animated outings on the small screen.

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Whether it’s saving the planet from an unstoppable threat, reinforcing people’s beliefs in how everyone can be better or just standing up for the little guy, these moments solidify why the Last Son of Krypton remains a hero that everyone can look up to.

Fair warning, there are SPOILERS AHEAD!

#3: The Never-Ending Battle
“Justice League: Doom” (2012)

Ignoring the fact that the whole thing was orchestrated by Metallo, this scene shows off one of Superman’s best qualities; his ability to relate and inspire. As a former journalist is about to commit suicide, Superman flies up and tries to talk him out of it. The conversation revolves around themes of being outdated, how the little guy will always lose out and how truth is something not worth believing in anymore. Considering these are all core concepts that Superman holds dear, it speaks volumes about the character as he tries to convince the jumper that one must never stop fighting to make things right.

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#2: World of Cardboard
“Justice League: Unlimited” (2004-06)

In what features arguably Superman’s best punch, we see him go head to head once again with his age-old enemy Darkseid. While stating his team will never give up, he also gives his foe a little insight into how he feels living on Earth; how he has to take constant care to never use too much power or he could end up killing someone. Except Darkseid can take it, resulting in the Man of Steel unleashing his full potential with a strike that sends the Lord of Apokolips flying.

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#1: Dreams Lift Us Up
“Superman vs. The Elite” (2012)

Forced to face off against an extremist group of super-villains who believe Superman’s way of things have no place in the modern world, Superman gets put through the ringer on this one, at least until he apparently decides to go over to their way of thinking. The sight of a Superman who kills is frightening enough to even put the villains in their place. Thankfully, he reveals it was all a ruse, not only to finally stop the Elite, but show the world that going down the easy path of vengeance will never bring peace. It’s simply Superman at his best.

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