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Deadpool 2 Brings the Funny

Deadpool is an awesome (anti-hero). But sets him and his world apart is all that sass. Ryan Reynolds and company never fail to bring the funny, and the second iteration of Deadpool is no different from the first in this regard.

The merc with the mouth, indeed. Here are some prime examples:

Ragging on the DC Extended Universe

Determined to distinguish itself from the MCU, the DCEU has strived to bedark and edgy with generally mixed results. Naturally, Deadpool pulls no punches when it comes to making fun of Marvel’s biggest competition. In the “Deadpool 2” trailer, the Merc with a Mouth brings up Henry Cavill’s infamous mustache removal from “Justice League.” If you think that’s blatant, the reference that makes it into the final movie is even more meta. Given Cable’s brooding nature and reluctance to smile, Deadpool literally points out that his rival feels more like a product of the DC Universe. It might be on the nose, but we can’t blame Deadpool for saying what we’re all thinking.

Poking Fun at the “James Bond” franchise

The James Bond movies are known for featuring a stylized opening credits sequence complete with a thematic song. The opening credits of “Deadpool 2” satirize 007 almost too well. For starters, Celine Dion sings the opening number, “Ashes,” which actually sounds triumphant enough to commence a film like “Skyfall” or “Spectre.” What’s more, the visuals encompass the same flair you’d find in a Bond picture, albeit while still maintaining Deadpool’s unique signature. Like its predecessor, the credits here poke fun at the cast and crew rather than acknowledging them by name. For example, instead of crediting director David Leitch, he’s merely referred to as “One of the Guys Who Killed the Dog in John Wick.”

Carving Up “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”

As we all know, the depiction of Deadpool in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” is one of the biggest blunders in the comic book movie genre. When Ryan Reynolds was given a chance to do Deadpool justice years later, he didn’t hesitate to ridicule the character’s previous incarnation. “Deadpool 2” takes things one step further. In an epic post-credits sequence, Deadpool goes back in time and kills the other vision of himself, aka Weapon XI. Deadpool isn’t done fixing the timeline, though. He also tracks down a circa 2011 Ryan Reynolds and takes him out before he can star in that abysmal “Green Lantern” movie. Now if only Deadpool could make it so “Blade: Trinity” never happened.

What’s your favorite Deadpool 2 gag?

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