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5 Funniest Walmart Yodel Kid Memes

The newest viral sensation to sweep the Internet is Mason Ramsey, a kid who yodelled in aisle 12 of a Walmart and, in the process, sang his way into our hearts. If you haven’t seen the clip yet (do you live in a cave?), enjoy it in all its glory here:

Mason’s performance caught like wildfire online, inspiring memes and remixes galore. We’ve compiled a few of our favorites for your viewing pleasure:

5. The most accurate representation of my mind after hearing that sweet, sweet yodelling for the first time. I will never be the same, but more importantly, the world will never be the same.

4. This mashup of two absolutely iconic videos just works so well we can’t stop watching it on repeat.

3. This meme has been used a lot lately, usually to represent a banger coming on in the club that one just has to run and dance to. However, this is by far the best use of Prince Harry’s frantic run. You’d be lying if you said that isn’t how you’d react if upon your next visit to Walmart, you happen to hear a yodel emanating from aisle 6.

2. This recognition of Mason’s pure talent. All jokes aside, yodelling isn’t easy and he nails it! Beyonce could never.

1. The Jersey Shore reunion premiered last week and has already gifted us with many iconic moments. Chief among them is Vinny’s insane dance style, whereby he pretends to break down a door when the beat drops in the club. It’s a funny moment all by itself, but when it’s combined with a remix of yodel boy, magic happens. (The remix is FIRE by the way, and should be released as an official single, I would listen to the heck out of it).

Are you as obsessed with Yodel Kid as we are? What’s your favorite meme?

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