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Win a Chance to Watch New Digimon Tri Movie COEXISTENCE For Free!

Hey MojoHolics!

We’re teaming up with Toei Animation to give you a chance to see the all new Digimon Tri Movie, COEXISTENCE official dub at your nearest cinema for free!
All you need to do is comment below on this post, letting us know who your all-time favourite Digimon is.

Please bear in mind that this offer is only available to Digi-Destined in the US, so check out this link to see if the movie is screening near you.

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Here’s a quick re-cap

Digimon Tri takes place 3 years after the conclusion of the second season. But rather than following the likes of Ken and Davis, it’s up to the original Digi-Destined (Including Tai, Matt, Sora, and the rest of the gang) to once again step up and face a mysterious new threat.

In this penultimate entry of the franchise, the kids have to restore the balance between the Real and Digital Worlds as swarms of rogue Digimon have begun

Will we learn more about the unstoppable force of the Homeostasis? Will Meicoomon finally be subdued? WILL TK AND KARI FINALLY GET TOGETHER??? (ahem) Only one way to find out.

And if you’ve not yet caught up with the series, this’ll be your best opportunity to catch up since all the previous films have been made available by Shout Factory!
Best of all? They feature a lot of the voice acting original cast, so you can expect to be hit by a massive nostalgia wave.

So what are you waiting for? Hit up that comment section and you’ll instantly be in the running!

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