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Top 3 Anime That Deserve Better Video Games

So Much Wasted Potential

You would have thought that anime and video games would go hand in hand, but that isn’t always the case. While it certainly can’t be denied that there is an overabundance of Dragon Ball Z, Gundam,  Naruto, Bleach and One Piece games out there, it’s fair to say that very few of them are considered excellent gaming experiences, and those are the big boys! Just how imagine how poorly some of the lesser known anime did in game-form!

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It’s extremely doubtful that every anime out there will get the phenomenal video game treatment they deserve, but if we had to choose, these three more should definitely be at the front of the queue!

#3: “Berserk” (1997; 2016-17)

We may have only recently been given Berserk and the Band of the Hawk, but even a hack n’ slash like this one falls way under par when compared to the mastery that is the source material. Guts’ story is filled with so much tragedy and bloodshed, not to mention horrific monsters, that there’s no reason that the Black Swordsman couldn’t become the next Witcher. Maybe CD Projekt Red can give it a shot!

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#2: “Akira” (1988)

Turns out this classic anime flick got adapted into a video game for the Nintendo Famicon way back in the day, and the results were pretty poor. Given the grim setting of Neo-Tokyo, the rich lore, as well as those slick as hell motorcycles, we think a second attempt could really yield some awesome results. It has as much chance at being awesome than the live-action, western remake that’s on the horizon.

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#1: “Trigun” (1998)

The Humanoid Typhoon was meant to have his own game in the form of The Planet Gunsmoke. Unfortunately, it never came to pass, which is an absolute crime. The potential for a Vash the Stampede standalone game is huge. You have our hero’s morality thrown into conflict with his insane marksmanship skills, the threat of Legato Bluesummers, a vast world to explore filled with all types of gunslingers, what more reason do you need to adapt this?!

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