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Top 3 Reasons You Should Watch Saiki K.

You Don’t Have To Be Psychic To Love This Series!

Gifted with all the superpowers you could imagine, you would imagine a character like Kusuo Saiki would go on to become a hero or villain. In another show, perhaps, but not here. In what has become one of modern anime’s greatest comedies, our protagonist wants nothing other than to lead a bland, boring and relatively peaceful life. It just so happens that everyone and everything around him are anything but!

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The rapid-fire pace along with the ridiculous premise ensures that the hilarity keeps on rolling, but if you need a bit more convincing, then be sure to check our our personal reasons as to why Saiki deserves your full attention!

#3: The Wacky Cast

You wouldn’t have thought it could get crazier than a guy who can teleport, read people’s minds and can essentially blow up the planet if he felt like it, but you’d be wrong. You have the ultimate “perfect girl” Teruhashi, beyond stupid Nendou, fitness obsessed Hairo, former thug Kuboyasu, Saiki’s tsundere grandfather, his overly lovey-dovey parents, and that’s just scratching the surface. It’s kind of amazing but we don’t think that there’s a single person in Saiki’s inner circle that doesn’t have a screw loose.

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#2: The Psychic Powers

Astral projection, possession, clairvoyance, cryokinesis, flight, teleportation, hypnosis, invisibility, telekinesis, telepathy, super strength, transformation and x-ray vision. These are just some of the powers that Saiki has at his disposal, and unfortunately for him not all of them can be controlled. Combine them with the weird attributes of his friends and these accursed abilities that Saiki has at his disposal more often than not they end up causing more crises than preventing them. You never know what he’ll pull out of the bag next!

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#1: Shun Kaidou

While Saiki may be our protagonist, resident fourth wall breaker and possibly the most cynical character in existence, the one person that manages to get the most laughs out of us is this guy. While he’s obviously a sweetheart who just wants to have fun with his friends, the fact Kaidou suffers from “eighth grade syndrome” ensure that he treats everything like he were the star of his own fantasy. He’s geeky, weak as hell, and even has his own epic theme song. Overall, anything that Kaidou touches turns to gold, and more than enough reason for you to check out Saiki’s disastrous life.

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