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Shake Dat Booty With Our Top 3 Meghan Trainor Songs!

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Meghan Trainor has been making listeners shimmy, shake and maybe weep a lil’ for years now, and has accumulated  quite the catalogue o’ hits.

Here are our Top 3. Just try not to tap your toes!


#3: “Like I’m Gonna Lose You” (feat. John Legend)


With a voice as powerful as Meghan’s, it’s a surprise that she doesn’t release more ballads as singles. But maybe that’s what makes this one so special. Sung as a duet with John Legend, their voices blended seamlessly as they promise to love and cherish each other everyday since tomorrow isn’t promised. It’s soulful and a bit mournful, which makes the meaning resonate even more. The song almost didn’t see the light of day, since Meghan had recorded as a demo years ago but she was hesitant to show it to her label until years later. We’re thankful she changed her mind!

#2: “Lips Are Movin’”

Time and time again, Meghan’s proved that she’s not the girl for relationship drama. Addressing a lying ex, Meghan tells him that she’s got his number and knows he’s lying simply because his lips are moving. Ouch! Her tell-off is packaged as a pretty kiss-off with its boogey down beat and the bubblegum pop sound. It was the perfect song to release as her second single, making sure that she didn’t become a one-hit wonder. The single did so well that it earned her a spot in the Billboard Hot 100’s top ten.



#1: “All About That Bass”

You should have known that this would get the top spot. It’s not every day that an artist’s first single is so monstrously huge but is also a true example of who they are as person. An anthem to brush off the haters, it’s truly a song about loving your body even if you aren’t a size two. Hailed as a body positive anthem, it showed that women shouldn’t be judged by their waistline. The music video currently has over two billion views on YouTube, which helped it receive diamond status in the US and go platinum in numerous countries. It also earned Grammy nods for both Record of the Year and Song of the Year.


What’s your favorite Meghan Trainor song?  We’re all about that feedback!

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