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Top 3 Shows You Need to Binge This Weekend

So much freaking television, but don’t worry, WatchMojo has you covered.

We’re looking at all the new and returning series that pop up on streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Video that you need to watch sooner rather than later.

#3: “Collateral”

This co-production between the BBC and Netflix may seem like a typical police procedural, but quickly gives way to a clever series whose simple setup, the murder of a Syrian refugee in London, takes the show in bold directions. With great performances by BBC regulars, including Doctor Who alumni Carey Mulligan and Billie Piper the plot and intrigue never let up. While the show may not be without its flaws, with only 4 episodes its easy to binge and and leaves a lot to discuss.

#2: “Love” Season 3

The third and final season of this easy to ‘love’ show is filled with the awkward sex and quiet humour that made the previous two seasons of this Judd Apatow series so much fun. If we were to sum up this show in one word, we could call it ‘honest’ as its take on dating, romance and intimacy reminds everyone that sex is weird yo, and love is nothing if not complicated. As this is the final season, there is lots to talk about so get comfortable, snuggle up to your significant other, be they mechanical or otherwise and get ready to laugh and ‘awwwww’ in equal measure.

#1: “Jessica Jones” Season 2

It looks like things are getting even worse for this superhero private investigator in season 2 when Jessica hits a whole new level of ‘rock bottom’. Fighting to cope with the traumatic events of season 1 as well as struggle with her identity as a superhero AND dig deeper into her mysterious past this is a dense season packed with twists and turns. Jessica Jones is the most binge-able of the Netflix superhero shows, as star Krysten Ritter displays the most relatable anger and frustration we have ever seen in a reluctant hero, making season 2 an absolute must watch.


What show(s) are YOU most looking forward to binging on?

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