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Top 10 Games That’ll Make You Think

There will never be a shortage of games that focus solely on entertainment, whether its shooting down aliens or rescuing a princess from yet another castle. There’s nothing wrong with these, and if done well they often find a way to raise the overall bar of the medium. However, there are a few titles that approach games from another angle, one where a painfully poignant moral is woven into its narratives. For better or worst, these particular ten can’t help but make us ponder.

Fair warning, there are MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!

#10: “Deus Ex” (2000)

For many, subjects like the Illuminati and other global conspiracies are just crazy talk. Well, after having to face off against the violent outreach of a tyrannical government for several hours as JC Denton, we wouldn’t be surprised if players’ mistrust in their government grew a little.

#9: “Braid” (2008)

Saving a damsel in distress? Sounds like pretty standard stuff, at least until you realise you aren’t actually the hero of this story. Prepare to have any preconceptions you might have on saving the frail love interest turned on its head.

#8: “Spec Ops: The Line” (2012)

The lessons in the third-person shooter all serve to disillusion players to the ideal that conflict can be fun. By the time you witness Captain Walker stumble out of a wartorn Dubai, you’ll fully understand how a man can become a monster once he has stared into the heart of darkness.

#7: “DayZ” (2013)

This isn’t just another run of the mill zombie game, but how survival often comes at the cost of one’s humanity.

#6: “Prey” (2017)

Who can you trust? Is your world real? How much of your life is a lie? These questions will haunt you while you gun your way through shapeshifting aliens aboard a sprawling space station.

#5: “Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty” (2001)

Kojima is an artist when it comes to subverting gaming tropes, evident from when players found the rug pulled from under them as it was revealed that the world wasn’t what they thought.  La-li-lu-le-lo.

#4: “BioShock” (2007)

You have no idea what control is until you see Andrew Ryan deliver his chilling speech on the nature of men and slaves.

#3: “This War of Mine” (2014)

An intimate portrait of bystanders just trying to survive in makeshift shelters as war ravages all they know. Despite your best efforts, sometimes it’s just not possible to save everyone.

#2: “The Stanley Parable” (2013)

Who would have guessed the most terrifying foe of them all would be the narrator? The only question is whether or not you choose to obey his direction.

#1: “Papers, Please” (2013)

The ultimate moral conundrum. Do you deny innocent people the right to a better life just so you can secure safety for your family?

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