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Top 10 Worst Things Done By Anime Heroes

Even the most noble of people have flaws, though in the case of these protagonists they screw the pooch so badly that they made us question their good guy status. Whether it was by accident or in the name of a just cause, these examples show that that these heroes are by no means without sin.

#10: Kei Gets Way Too Thirsty

Getting run over by a train, brought back to life and then forced to hunt aliens is pretty harsh hand to be dealt. That doesn’t give you the excuse to try and have your way with every pretty girl you come across Kei!

#9: Bakugo the Bully

He may have slightly mellowed out, but that still doesn’t make us forgive and forget the hell he put Izuku through.

#8: Araragi’s Bad Touch!

Once again, saving the lives of various girls doesn’t make it okay to grope them. That goes doubly for your own little sisters, ya perv!

#7: Kiritsugu Pulls Some Shady Sh*t

This merc seeks to win the Holy Grail War by any means necessary, even that means sabotaging other servants and committing assassinations. Some of the stunts he pulls are just downright brutal!

#6: Accelerator’s Killing Spree

With near limitless power at his disposal, this esper revelled in massacring the various clones who tried to bring him down.

#5: Itachi Commits Parenticide

Even though he had no other choice in the matter, Itachi’s killing of his own clan was still a brutal act that went on to define his character.

#4: Lelouch Creates a Monster!

In order to stop his beloved half-sister from killing innocent Japanese civilians, Lelouch had no choice but to shoot her. Except he was the one who inadvertently sent her down this path in the first place…so technically still his fault.

#3: Haruto Hits a New Low

Any time a show displays sexual violence in a way such as this is just shameful. Don’t give us that crap about him being possessed by his vampiric side!

#2: Guts’ Shame

The Black Swordsman is an unrelenting badass who has had to fight every day of his life just to survive. That being said, the fact he impaled an innocent child with his sword isn’t something we can let slide.

#1: Shinji’s Happy Time

Masturbating over the comatose body of his colleague because he’s going through another mental breakdown. Yep, that’s Shinji for you

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