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Top 5 Team-Ups We Want To See In Avengers: Infinity War

Groot SMASH!

Arguably the most anticipated film of 2018, the upcoming entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is set to bring practically every superhero together in a clash with the galactic despot Thanos. To say we are excited for this would be a colossal understatement. After all, its every comic book fan’s dream come to life!

This of course begs the question of which characters will have the best interactions. With so many icons coming together there’s bound to be new relationships formed, maybe even the odd bromance or two? Whatever the case, these are our picks for the team-ups we’d love to see in Infinity War!

#5: Rocket Raccoon and Everyone

Just seeing the faces of the other Avengers when they interact with a talking, gun-wielding furball is going to make for some brilliant comedy. He would probably get into arguments with Tony Stark, make Bruce Banner have a mental breakdown, maybe question the existence of all things with Vision. Can’t wait to find out!

#4: Spider-Man and Star-Lord

Not only for the fact they both share the name Peter, but because they have so many similarities. More than Quill would probably care to admit. Their love for their friends, shared losses, ideas of responsibility, and similar comedic timings might lead to a brotherly bond of sorts. Plus, think of all the generational differences! Quill is still an 80s kid after all.

#3: Thor and Drax

They’re walking powerhouses that have not yet fully grasped human customs. To see the God of Thunder’s Nordic mannerisms go against Drax’s inability to use metaphors would be sheer poetry. This would lead to a fantastic fist fight or perhaps some truly outrageous comedy. Our bet is on both.

#2: Iron Man and Doctor Strange

Awesome facial hair bros! While both are geniuses, one specialises in magic and the other in science. It’s also well-known that both are deeply competitive with some serious ego issues. Chances are the role of leader and adviser might fluctuate between the duo in a rather hilarious fashion. Oh, and we had better see at least one reference to Sherlock!

#1: Hulk and Groot

Their vocabulary is limited, they are two of the strongest characters in the MCU, and we can’t wait to see them meet up. Can you imagine? Two kindred spirits who find unity in smashing their foes to pieces? If anyone is going to have a chance at knocking Thanos around, its these two!