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Undertale Soundtrack Gets The Vinyl Treatment

These Records Are Filled With Determination!

Let’s be honest, alongside the likes of Frisk, Sans, Papyrus, Undyne, Flowey and the player themselves, the soundtrack to Undertale was also one of its most important characters.

From the frantic MEGOLOVANIA, the oddly catchy Another Medium, the hauntingly awesome Battle Against a True Hero all the way to the beautiful Hopes and Dream, Toby Fox’s soundtrack was just as masterful as the game he created.

Obviously many were in agreement, as to celebrate the game’s second anniversary as well its release on consoles, the soundtrack is going to be turned into vinyl records!

According to an article on IGN

To celebrate Undertale’s release in Japan and its 2nd anniversary in the west, Materia Collective and iam8bit have announced vinyl soundtracks which are now available for preorder.

The soundtracks come in two versions: Undertale: Japan Edition and Undertale: Determination. Both sets come with a digital soundtrack that will be emailed upon purchase.

While the Japan edition is not in Japanese, it takes design cues from Mother 3’s Super Famicom Box and features two translucent color-incolor vinyls, as well as a bonus word search insert. Preordering this edition will before September 23 JDT will add a 7″ Annoying Dog Shrine vinyl, which features exclusive PlayStation tracks.

Meanwhile, the Determination version holds three opaque color-incolor vinyls, which feature the original Toby Fox score of 16-bit tunes redone with metal and electronica inspired covers.

Both editions can be pre-ordered from iam8bit. The Japan Edition will will set you back $40 USD and and the three-vinyl Determination set is priced at $60 USD.


If you thought that the Undertale fever had passed, then along with it’s recent release on the PlayStation 4, this vinyl is going to once again dominate the internet with jokes about pasta, how to get the true pacifist route, and of course a whole lot of “GET DUNKED ON!”

Now excuse us while we go and listen to Dogsong for the 100th time.

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