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Top 30 Most Rewatched Drag Race Moments

Top 30 Most Rewatched Drag Race Moments
VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Joe Shetina
These "Drag Race" moments are infinitely rewatchable. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we're counting down our picks for the most ru-watchable, sorry, rewatchable moments in “Drag Race” herstory. Our countdown includes "Kitty Girl" music video, "Jesus is a biscuit," Aja's monologue, and more!

#30: BeBe Zahara Benet’s “Drag Up Your Life” Verse
All Stars 3

It’s no secret that BeBe Zahara Benet always delivers. We got our first taste of her talent for songwriting all the way back in the first season. Her “Cover Girl” verse was, in a word, epic. So we were ecstatic when the Kitty Girls challenge was announced during All Stars 3. When BeBe came out as Jungle Kitty in her head to toe leopard number, we knew we were in for a treat. And she definitely didn’t disappoint with her energetic “Drag Up Your Life” verse. It was quintessentially BeBe: fun, lively, and full of personality. What more could anybody ask for? We’re still obsessed with her lyrics to this day.

#29: “Jesus Is a Biscuit”
Season 4

She is large and in charge, chunky yet funky, but get those nuts away from her face (xref 1)! Latrice Royale is a fan favorite, but she’s also a veritable quote machine. Across her three seasons as a competitor, she churned out iconic catchphrases at an almost alarming rate (xref 2). But one of her best was the gospel-inspired “Jesus is a biscuit, let him sop you up.” The phrase became a rallying cry for the queens as they dealt with the stresses of the competition, even leading to an impromptu revival meeting right there in the Work Room. For a season with so much conflict, it’s such a joyful, hilarious moment that’s sure to brighten any “Drag Race” fan's day.

#28: “Kitty Girl” Music Video
All Stars 3

The stakes were never higher for a final challenge. “All Stars” 3’s final four queens were tasked with pulling off the most ambitious performance in the franchise’s history. The video for RuPaul’s new single, “Kitty Girl,” involved creating an original verse, nailing some precise choreography, and doing it all in one, uninterrupted take. Every single moment is a serve. Fans may have been divided about the outcome of the season, but if “Kitty Girl” proved anything, it’s that every finalist earned their spot. Not only is the song a certified banger, but given how technical and precise something like that is, it’s amazing to watch the queens deliver on such a high level.

#27: Does Utica Smoke?
Season 13

Utica Queen is an anomaly of the “Drag Race” canon. Between her innovative fashions and her abominable roast performance, she may not have been consistently successful, but she was consistently unforgettable. Indeed, she unexpectedly turned a pre-challenge walkthrough with Ru into a clowning masterclass. Utica didn’t seem to know how to answer the host’s question about whether or not she’d smoked a certain illicit substance before, so she just pulled faces until the conversation moved on. It’s easily one of the show’s most unhinged moments. We were expecting RuPaul to pull out an inhaler after a while, because she could not handle it.

#26: “This Is Not RuPaul’s Best Friend Race!”
Season 4

Talk to any old school “Drag Race” fan and you’ll hear the same thing. “Untucked” used to be wild. The fights were nastier, and the comebacks endlessly more quotable. One such spat between these season 4 queens is still one of the aftershow’s most famous moments. Things got real between Jiggly Caliente and Lashauwn Beyond as they argued about the competition. Lashauwn made it very clear she wasn’t here to make friends. She was here to win. It may be a repurposing of a “Top Model” quote, but the incredible comeback has been reused and quoted in several seasons since.

#25: “The Same Parts”
All Stars 2

Tatianna really proved how multi-faceted and talented she is during her time on Drag Race. She is at the origin of many memorable moments on the show. There’s no doubt that her act during the Talent Show Extravaganza is one we especially love revisiting. She performed a gender-bending spoken word piece all about drag entitled “Same Parts”. To say it was sensational is an understatement. Not only was the piece itself clever and funny, Tatianna also really brought the number to life with her delivery. She commanded the room, and told a story. It was a journey from start to finish, and we loved every second of it.

#24: Laganja Estranja’s Grand Entrance
Season 6

One of the best parts of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” is definitely meeting the queens at the start of the season. While it’s just a first impression, their werk room entrances often give viewers a sense of who they are. Though there are no shortages of great introductions, one of the most memorable has to be Laganja Estranja’s season six entrance. She came in with a fiery confidence, an amazing plaid number, and a perfect opening line. Of course, her unexpected death drop made the whole thing even better. You could tell she had put a lot of thought into her arrival, and it paid off. Laganja topped her own entrance later on in “All Stars” 6, when she dropped in as a Lip Sync Assassin.

#23: Kennedy’s Death Becomes Her Look
Season 7

After a long night of listmaking, MsMojo saw season 7’s Death Becomes Her runway. But we didn’t die, we crystallized. And now, we can’t stop rewatching Kennedy Davenport’s look as she struts down the catwalk. Between the look itself and the corresponding backstory in “Untucked,” Kennedy turned a fashion faux pas into a legendary moment of unfiltered drag delusion. Even her monologue about being murdered and then crystallizing into a runway-ready glamazon has no right to be as funny as it is. Is it a chicken or a horse? The answer is yes.

#22: “Boss Bitch” Lip Sync
Season 15

Anetra had already duck-walked her competition. On this day, she dog-walked them. In a whale of a lip sync, the eventual season 15 runner-up left Marcia Marcia Marcia in the dust while performing this Doja Cat track. Anetra established dominance early by literally leaping over her fellow bottom queen. It was an uphill battle for Marcia from there. At the top of the lip sync, Anetra warned us that she was about to show her competitor who was boss. She delivered on that threat. Michelle Visage later said it was one of her favorite lip syncs ever. It’s easy to see why.

#21: Ongina Discloses Her Status
Season 1

The first season of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” was full of a vulnerability that made it extremely compelling to watch. Naturally, this was thanks to how willing the queens were to share their personal experiences. In doing so, they helped others feel represented. After winning the Mac Viva Glam challenge, which centered around raising money for AIDS, Ongina revealed that she was HIV positive. It was extremely raw and moving, and her willingness to share that part of herself was incredibly powerful. This wasn’t just any other win. It was an emotional moment that transcended the competition and showed everyone just how amazing Ongina is.

#20: Tamisha Iman vs. Kandy Muse
Season 13

A wise queen once said “this is not RuPaul’s Best Friends Race.” Season 13’s Kandy Muse and Tamisha Iman clearly got the message. Despite their differences in age and experience, these two queens went at it after the Bag Ball challenge like it was an old school season. An unexpected and virtually unprompted jab at Kandy for being arrogant led to a brawl that threatened to get ugly, and a light interrogation of her fellow castmates. It was the kind of petty drama that used to fuel “Untucked,” and truth be told, it was kind of fun to see it come back.

#19: “Not Today, Satan”
Season 6

Bianca Del Rio really infused “Drag Race” with some great humor and commentary during her time on the show. It’s one of the reasons why season six consistently stands out as one of the reality competition’s best. Bianca has a plethora of quotable moments, and this confessional soundbite has stood the test of time as one of her best. As the queens returned to the werk room following BenDeLaCreme’s elimination, they began talking about the judges’ critiques. It was business as usual, until Courtney Act criticized the outfit Bianca wore on the runway. Her response to Courtney’s face was pretty standard. But in her confessional, Bianca showed just how little time she had for snide comments with this quote.

#18: “This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)” Lip Sync
Season 4

Being in the bottom two is nerve-wracking enough. To have the original artist of the lip sync song sitting behind the judge’s table is a totally new level of anxiety. Whatever nerves season 4’s DiDa Ritz was feeling, they didn’t show. She didn’t just perform Natalie Cole’s iconic hit, she channeled the star. Every beat was caught, every ounce of joy in that song poured out of DiDa’s body. It’s an electric lip sync, and there’s not a split, flip, or dip in sight. Instead, it’s just a classic display of what embodying a song is really about. DiDa’s castmate Latrice Royale said it all.

#17: “Sorry Not Sorry” Lip Sync
Season 11

We’re always excited when the time for Snatch Game rolls around. And while it was undoubtedly entertaining in season 11, it’s the lip sync between Yvie Oddly and Brooke Lynn Hytes that stole the show. While nobody ever wants to be in the bottom two on “Drag Race”, these queens really embraced the challenge. They delivered a mind-blowing performance to Demi Lovato’s hit song “Sorry Not Sorry”. The queens left everything on that stage, brought an unbeatable energy to the lip sync, and really embodied the essence of the tune. Not to mention the acrobatics were insane. In fact, Yvie and Brooke Lynn were both so good that their performance actually resulted in a double shantay!

#16: Violet’s 2-in-1 Look
Season 7

Eventual champion Violet Chachki announced herself as a contender from the jump. In the first episode, the season 7 queens were tasked with showcasing two runway looks, one for spring and one for fall. Not content with just wearing one piece for the latter season, Violet wowed everyone when she twirled out of a sparkling black number, revealing a second, tartan-patterned piece. Both looks would be great on their own. They’re equally strong and almost entirely different from one another. What made this extra incredible, though, was her seamless transition. She didn’t miss a step. The moment continues to live on in gif form. It was only the start of her outrageous fashions, which got even crazier and more death-defying.

#15: Pearl vs. RuPaul
Season 7

Drama between the queens on “Drag Race” isn’t exactly uncommon, but it doesn’t typically extend to RuPaul. So we were pretty surprised when tension started brewing between Pearl and Ru on season 7! After RuPaul implied that Pearl lacked personality, things took a turn. In response, the queen was blunt about how the comment was hurtful. Ru claimed it was meant to serve as motivation, but an incredibly awkward silence followed. Of course, the words uttered by Pearl next are known to every fan of the show. Interestingly, the queen has since attributed her “flazé da” behavior on Drag Race to feeling discouraged by an interaction with RuPaul long before this incident.

#14: “Back Rolls?”
Season 5

As evidenced by her orange makeup fight with Coco Montrese, Alyssa Edwards’ “secret” is that drama finds her wherever she goes. Even though this argument was between Edwards and Jade Jolie this time around, Coco Montrese was front row with popcorn. Edwards called Jolie a joke, and she responded by calling Alyssa a mean girl and insulting her appearance. She went so far as to say she had rolls on her back. Of course, Alyssa’s confessional response was glorious. They often say you convey more with a look, and she is truly proof of that. Her reaction and facial expression are unbeatable. No matter how many times you watch it, this moment never loses its comedic impact.

#13: Willam’s Disqualification
Season 4

After winning the duet challenge alongside her teammate Latrice Royale, Willam stole the show in an unprecedented way. First, she threw up while standing at the back of the stage. But that wasn’t all. After Phi Phi O’Hara and Sharon Needles lip synced for their life, RuPaul took everybody by surprise and called Willam to the front. What followed was unbelievable: she was disqualified for violating the rules. No further explanation was given, and we had to wait until the reunion for details. If that wasn’t intense enough, Willam has since revealed that there was actually much more to the story. Her disqualification is one of the most shocking things to happen on the show, and watching it unfold never gets old.

#12: “Shut Up and Drive” Lip Sync
All Stars 2

When the eliminated queens returned in All Stars 2, things got even more interesting than they already were. As RuPaul announced that the top two returning queens would get the chance to lip sync their way back into the competition, it was obvious we’d be in for some top-tier performances. After absolutely slaying their comedy routines, Alyssa Edwards and Tatianna stepped it up even further. Their lip sync to Rihanna’s “Shut Up and Drive” was full of energy, great choreography, attitude, and flawless lip syncing. Their drive and passion were undeniable. Luckily RuPaul agreed, and both queens re-entered the race. We couldn’t look away then, and we’re still mesmerized watching it back.

#11: Alyssa Edwards vs. Coco Montrese
Season 5

It took no time at all for the drama to make its way to season 5. The minute Coco Montrese and Alyssa Edwards saw each other, tensions started rising. Their feud had started long ago, and during the season we got bits and pieces of the story. Things really reached a boiling point the week of Snatch Game. As the girls got ready in the werk room, Coco and Alyssa began arguing. But after Edwards called Montrese’s makeup orange, things escalated. They began rehashing their Miss Gay America pageant conflict, and their unresolved feelings around the situation were obvious. One thing is for sure: this argument proved that they were prepared to fight each other for the title of America’s Next Drag Superstar.

#10: Wite-Out Elimination
All Stars 3

BenDeLaCreme was a front-runner during her time on All Stars 3. So when she won the lip sync for your legacy in the “Handmaids to Kitty Girls” episode, nobody was surprised. She had two jobs: pick one of the eliminated queens to re-enter the race, and send someone home. After giving Morgan McMichaels a second chance at the crown, BenDeLa did something that had us screaming: she sent herself home. Of course, she isn’t the first queen to want to leave the competition. Though she was ultimately told to sashay away by RuPaul after a lip sync, Shannel also nominated herself to be eliminated in the first season!

#9: Jinkx Monsoon as Judy Garland
All Stars 7

The all-winners season was always going to be tough, but you wouldn’t know it by the way Jinkx Monsoon delivered what might be the single best Snatch Game ever. Few queens have killed the famous challenge like the season 5 champion. Her Little Edie was a masterclass in the art of celebrity impersonation and improvisational comedy. But she one-upped her own brilliance with an incredible performance as Judy Garland. With brilliant callbacks to the legendary diva’s showbiz history and Jinkx’s own season, she basically hijacked the whole thing while her competitors watched in awe.

#8: “Drag Is Not a Contact Sport”
Season 3

Usually, when we remember a lip sync for your life, it’s because the queens either really delivered or were lackluster. But that’s not quite why Mimi Imfurst and India Ferrah’s season three lip sync is so iconic. It’s actually because Mimi lifted India off the ground unexpectedly in an effort to stand out. Ferrah was not amused, and nobody knew how to react to what had just happened. But when the lip sync ended, RuPaul made her feelings on the matter very clear with this now legendary quote. While Mimi Imfurst was told to sashay away, we will always have this moment to look back on.

#7: “Party City”
Season 4

After the infomercial challenge, Sharon Needles called out Phi Phi O’Hara’s leadership skills when talking to the judges on the runway. This led to their notorious fight the following week, as tensions remained. When Sharon went to talk to Phi Phi about the situation, things didn't go well. They began fighting about the previous week’s challenge, and namely about who deserved the credit for Sharon’s challenge win. This resulted in the now infamous exchange between the two where they insult each other’s drag style. This clash gave us one of the most explosive - and referenced - arguments “Drag Race” has ever had.

#6: Aja’s Monologue
Season 9

If this show taught us anything, it’s that an insult just hits different when it’s wrapped in a few compliments. Season 9 is often criticized for being drama-free, but it gave us one of the best tirades in “Drag Race” herstory. Aja’s frustration about Valentina’s success in the competition so far is a sickeningly sweet layer cake with a frosting of backhanded compliments, resentment, and shade. You couldn’t write dialogue this good. Even though it came from a place of real frustration, she gave fans, and fellow competitors, an easy punchline for seasons to come.

#5: Vanessa Vanjie Mateo’s Exit
Season 10

Somebody always has to be the first to go home. But the first queen eliminated can still create a lasting impression during their time on “RuPaul’s Drag Race”. We’ve seen it happen more than once. The best example has to be the inimitable Miss Vanessa Vanjie Mateo. After being told by RuPaul to sashay away in the first episode, Miss Vanjie made sure nobody would ever forget her name. And we mean that quite literally, since she repeated it numerous times as she left the runway. Christina Aguilera may have been the celebrity judge of this episode, but Miss Vanjie absolutely stole the spotlight with her exit. It even earned her a spot on season 11 of the show!

#4: Roxxxy Andrews’ Double Wigs
Season 5

Everyone knows that a wig reveal on “RuPaul’s Drag Race” can be a hit or miss. When queens do them poorly, they often don’t survive to compete another day. But when done properly, the payoff can be big. One queen who really executed the maneuver flawlessly was Roxxxy Andrews, and she was the first queen to ever do it on the show. When she found herself lip syncing for her life to Willow Smith’s “Whip My Hair” against Alyssa Edwards, Roxxxy had a trick up her sleeve. She didn’t just take off her wig; she had another one on her head ready to go! The look on RuPaul’s face is simply priceless. And we have to say, Roxxxy chose a fitting occasion given the song they were lip syncing to!

#3: Sasha Velour’s Roses
Season 9

Sasha Velour’s lip sync against Shea Coulee to “So Emotional” in the season 9 finale is still talked about today. The stakes were high, and so were everybody’s expectations. To say Sasha Velour came prepared is an understatement. Her entire performance was heavy on rose petals, from the ones in her gloves to the flower she held at the beginning. But it really became epic when she took off her wig to reveal a cascade of roses underneath. Both queens brought it, but there’s no doubt that Sasha Velour’s rose petal extravaganza gave her an edge - and gave us a moment to watch on a loop.

#2: Valentina’s Mask
Season 9

Valentina’s mask fiasco has gone down in the “Drag Race” herstory books as one of the craziest moments on the show. As she began lip syncing to Ariana Grande’s “Greedy”, she left the veil covering her mouth from her runway look on. It didn’t take long before RuPaul stopped everything and told her to remove it. But Valentina didn’t want to. Once Ru made it crystal clear that it wasn’t a negotiation, she obliged. Of course, that’s when everyone realized that Valentina simply didn’t know the lyrics, and everything made sense. Even if you’ve seen this clip more times than you can count - as most of us have - it never stops being entertaining. We couldn’t believe what was happening then, and we honestly still can’t.

#1: “Read U Wrote U”
All Stars 2

For the final group performance of All Stars 2, we were treated to a rendition of “Read U Wrote U”. Alaska, Roxxxy, Katya, and Detox all brought their A-game, and made it a moment to remember. The verses, the choreography, and the queens’ chemistry with one another was absolutely off the charts. Everything about their performance came together and worked on every level. Each queen infused their verse with their unique personality, to the point where even the less well-received parts are now considered iconic. It was the cherry on top of an already outstanding season. No matter how many times you watch them perform it, this number never ceases to be mesmerizing.

Which “Drag Race” moment can you just not get enough of? Tell us in the comments!