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These Karens paid the price for their terrible deeds. For this list, we'll be looking at even MORE incidents of the rudest, most obnoxious, and most entitled people who got some delightful karma in return for their terrible actions. Our countdown of Karens who ruined their own lives includes people from America, England, South Africa, and more!

#20: Horse Hitter

Karens have a habit of punching down to make themselves feel superior. And Sarah Moulds went a step further in 2021 when she took part in the Cottesmore Hunt in England. When attempting to get her horse, named Bruce Almighty, into a trailer, Moulds was filmed hitting and kicking the animal in frustration. Once the video found its way to the internet, it all went very wrong for Moulds. On top of being booted from her volunteer role at a pony club and future hunt events, Moulds also lost her job as a school teacher and was investigated by the animal charity RSPCA. She was charged with animal cruelty and pleaded not guilty in court. Moulds is currently awaiting a trial set for August 2022.

#19: Mace Malice

In 2020, after a cop spotted her driving erratically and indicated she should stop, Korena Weymouth-Bell eventually halted on an offramp - and proceeded to make her situation a million times worse. Weymouth-Bell jumped out of her and approached the officer with a mace canister in her hand! After pushing the cop’s car door into him and believing her intimidation tactic worked, Weymouth-Bell went back to her car. With this opportunity, the officer fired a Taser, dropping her to the concrete. After being taken to the hospital to treat her injuries, Weymouth-Bell was arrested on several charges, including assault or battery on a cop, possessing substances, and driving without a license.

#18: California Consequences

It’s bonkers that Karens think spouting racism publicly is okay and nothing will happen to them. In 2021, a Twitter user known as Em posted about an incident she experienced in Brentwood, California. Em said she was minding her own business on a street when a man came out of his house and began harassing her. She started filming, and his bigoted views soon tumbled out. Later identified as Michael Dalcin, he criticized her colored hair and threw in some anti-Asian insults mixed with misogyny. What a treasure(!) As the video spread, Dalcin’s employers, real estate company Beach City Brokers, soon saw it and made a public statement that he’d been fired for his offensive rant.

#17: Halifax Horror

We’ve all drunk too much at some point and done silly things. It happens. But Justine Morrison couldn’t blame the beverages for her atrocious behavior in 2023. After getting rowdy on a night out at a bar in Halifax, England, Morrison was escorted from the establishment by the doorman, Dally Whylie. When outside, Morrison argued sarcastically with Whylie and spat racial insults at him, using the term “black” with a sneer. Unsurprisingly, she was banned from the bar permanently. After the incident gained attention, her employer, Shine Theatre Arts, fired her from her part-time accountancy role. Morrison was also arrested and handed a police caution as long as she accepted responsibility and took part in a restorative justice program.

#16: Unsolicited Opinions

Some people love giving you their opinion when you don’t want or need it. In 2021, teenager Mia was enjoying the weather with friends at a beach in Fort Collins, Colorado. Well, Logan Dorn didn’t like this. He decided to tell them their bathing costumes were explicit and used his Christian faith to try and shame them. After Mia released her video on the incident, Dorn made a video explaining his actions and regretted them...kidding. He double-downed and claimed he was filled with “righteous anger” over their outfits, which is weird. Dorn’s employers, the Christian building company Mighty Hand Construction, released a statement condemning his behavior and fired him after a brief investigation into his harassment.

#15: Underground Ignorance

There aren’t many that enjoy being on the underground in London. Commuters want to get through it with minimal fuss and go about their days. Well, Jacqueline Woodhouse wasn’t going to allow anyone an easy ride in 2012. The intoxicated Woodhouse went on a massive racist tirade at anyone on the tube that didn’t appear white. She claimed the country had been “overtaken,” uttered various stereotypes, and threatened people with violence. On top of losing her job over this event, Woodhouse, who was involved in a similar incident in 2008, was arrested and sentenced to 21 weeks in jail for her racially charged harassment.

#14: Anarchy with the Monarchy

Being anti-monarchy is okay in this day and age. But perhaps taking your royal rage out on a toddler isn't going to influence people to your views. In 2016, Angela Gibbins, a senior manager at the charity the British Council, decided to slander Prince George in a Facebook post that drew a lot of attention from the media. Since Queen Elizabeth II was a patron of the charity at the time, the firm fired Gibbins for the scandal. So she took the British Council to a tribunal for unfair dismissal against her republican stance. However, Gibbins’ case was dismissed since she insulted a child publicly.

#13: Banking Karen

In 2021, with the pandemic in full-effect, many establishments required folk to wear a face mask inside, which was understandable. But Terry Wright wasn’t doing that at a Bank of America branch in Galveston, Texas. Even after being offered one by the employees, she remained adamant and refused to leave. So the cops arrived. But Wright wrongly believed she was on public property and wouldn’t exit. Seeing no option, the officer arrested her. Amazingly, Wright was heard on the bodycam yelling it was “police brutality,” only for jaded customers to counter that it wasn’t. Wright even did something similar days later at an Office Depot in Texas City. For her bank statement, she received 12 days in prison for trespassing and resisting arrest.

#12: Teacher of Disrespect

This might surprise some Karens, but there are many religions in the world. Just because you happen to follow one doesn’t mean you can be disrespectful to those who follow another. In 2022, Muslim students were praying in a room at Franklin Academy in Pembroke Pines, Florida. In a video they recorded, an unidentified teacher walked in and interrupted what she distastefully described as “magic.” As well as blowing a whistle and mentioning Jesus, the terrible teacher stood on a prayer mat and on one of the student’s hands. This hateful act didn’t sit well with the school, which fired the teacher.

#11: Mask Tyranny

Some Karen politicians think the rules don’t apply to them. Unfortunately for their egos, they very much do. In 2021, Alaska state Senator Lora Reinbold, who has a history of spreading pandemic misinformation and labeling mask mandates as “tyranny,” was recorded arguing with Alaska Airlines employees over their face-covering rules to such an extent that the police stepped in. After this incident, Reinbold was banned by Alaska Airlines. This was a problem since they were the only company that made regular trips to the state’s capital Juneau, where Renbold needed to vote and do her job. As such, she asked to be excused from attending the Senate until a later date. Her request was granted.

#10: Tram Karen

Public transport seems to bring out the worst in some Karens. In 2011, Emma West sat on a tram in Croydon, England, with a child balanced on her lap. For some reason, she went off on a tirade of abuse to other passengers, such as claiming one person wasn’t British since they were Black…yikes. West was soon arrested for verbally abusing people. However, due to her lawyers arguing she was unfit to stand trial because of a history of violent episodes, she wasn’t sentenced until 2013, when she received a 24-month community order. West was also struck-off as a nurse by the General Dental Council for bringing the profession into disrepute.

#9: Vicious Vacation

Most people relax on the beach on vacation, perhaps enjoying a book and a cocktail in the sun. But not Adam Catzavelos. In 2018, the South African was holidaying in Greece when he recorded a video of himself ranting with some slurs, stating it was “heaven on earth” since there were no Black people there…wow. Unsurprisingly, people were furious. The backlash caused a boycott of Catzavelos’ family business, forcing them to fire him! Even Nike had to make a statement as Catzavelos’ wife worked for them. To make matters worse, he had to face legal action. In 2020, after pleading guilty to crimen injuria, Catzavelos was sentenced to a $3,300 fine or two years in jail, both options suspended for five years.

#8: Not Learning a Lesson

Getting fired from her job at Rent Me Superstore in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, for a racist rant at a customer wasn’t enough for Tara Lynn Belcher in 2015. Nope, she needed to do more...for some reason. Upon leaving the shop, an unidentified man who had witnessed the event followed her outside, recording her on his phone to shame her online later. Later, Belcher claimed the man attacked her. However, as the police investigated, they found a very different story. Belcher uttered several racial slurs at the man and then spat at him. He retaliated with a slap before a scuffle broke out between them. Belcher was soon arrested for assault, battery, and possession of banned substances.

#7: Brooklyn Karen

Some Karens don’t take a moment to check they have all the correct information. In 2021, author Frederick Joseph and his fiancé were walking their dog in a Brooklyn dog park. Suddenly, they were approached by Emma Sarley, who mixed up their dog with another that barked a lot. She then told him to stay in his hood. Yikes. When Joseph began recording her, Sarley pretended that didn’t happen and tried to twist it that they were telling her that. Joseph then got support from witness Steve Tracy, who confirmed she had told the couple to stay in their hood. Sarley even tried to grab the phone. Soon after the story broke, software company Bevy fired Sarely for her racist harassment.

#6: Not Fresh Ken

In theory, lawyers should be a model of justice and fairness. But that’s definitely not the case for Aaron Schlossberg. With a history of bigoted behavior, in 2018, Schlossberg lost it at Fresh Kitchen in New York City after he was recorded ranting at staff for speaking Spanish and accusing them of being in the US illegally. The community had some fun with him afterward by sending, among other things, a mariachi band to perform outside his work. Soon after, Schlossberg was evicted from his office space by the landlord, and businesses cut ties with his law firm. In 2020, after being brought up on charges by the Attorney Grievance Committee, officials heavily criticized his behavior and believed the public shame was punishment enough.

#5: Fired Up

Not many Karens have resisted arrest in such a dramatic fashion. In 2023, Jennifer Holder allegedly dined and dashed at a restaurant at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. After attempting to go through a secure door to escape staff, causing the police to respond, Holder grabbed a fire extinguisher and went on a spray-a-thon through the terminal. No one was exempt from Holder’s rampage. Cops, security, flight staff, and passengers were all engulfed in foam. Three flight staff had to get medical treatment due to breathing issues from the harsh chemicals. Even when the cops arrested her, Holder wasn’t done and spat and kicked them. She was charged with several crimes, including battery, assault, and resisting arrest.

#4: Rage of Rapkin

In 2020, many across the US protested the murder of George Floyd. One such protest was organized by teenager Eric Lucas in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Well, lawyer Stephanie Rapkin wasn’t letting that happen and parked her car in the march’s path. After pleading with her to move the vehicle, Rapkin spat at Lucas…during a pandemic! After being arrested and released, the following day, protestors arrived at her home to write outside with chalk. Rapkin was detained again after attacking one of them. In 2023, she was given the option of 60 days in jail or probation with 100 hours of community service. Rapkin chose prison by claiming nobody would want her.

#3: Selfish in Singapore

In 2021, England-born Benjamin Glynn was on his way back from work in Singapore. With the nation having strict pandemic measures in place for mask-wearing on public transport, you’d think he'd be sensible and wear one on the train. But no, to him, masks are a “hoax.” After being filmed breaking the rules, Glynn was arrested for being a public nuisance. This stopped him from returning to the UK with his family, which meant he lost out on a job he was set to start. Glynn was convicted for his procedure-breaking and received a sentence of six weeks in prison. However, he was released days later due to time served. The icing on the cake? Glynn was deported from Singapore.

#2: Preposterous Punishment

When a parent drops their child off at a daycare, they expect them to be treated well and not return home traumatized. Well, five employees at Lil' Blessings Child Care and Learning Center in Hamilton, Mississippi, clearly ignored this in 2022. They put on a knock-off Ghostface mask from “Scream”to scare kids as a twisted form of punishment. When the videos of them doing it were released, folk were furious. After being fired, four former employees, Sierra McCandless, Oci-Anna Kilburn, Jennifer Newman, and Shyenne Shelton, were charged with abuse against minors, while Traci Hutson was charged for not reporting the disturbing events. For this happening under their roof, Lil’ Blessings was fined $450 in 2023.

#1: Bell Brood

The pandemic really gave Karens a platform to show their terrible behavior. In 2021, Nordstrom Rack in Austin, Texas, enforced a “no mask, no entry” rule. Kara Bell ignored this, claimed she was exempt, then barged into a changing cubicle. However, when she left, the police were waiting. Bell was belligerent to the officers and acted as if she knew more about law than they did. She then attempted to use her faith to claim the rules don’t apply to her. With no patience remaining, the cops arrested her. Bell was handed a citation and banned from the store for at least a year. She was also running to be on the Travis County school board, but that didn’t pan out after all this drama.