Top 10 Video Games That Shame You for Using Cheat Codes
Top 10 Video Games That Shame You for Using Cheat Codes

Top 10 Video Games That Shame You for Using Cheat Codes

VOICE OVER: Rudolph Strong WRITTEN BY: Ty Richardson
Cheaters never prosper! Or at least they get shamed... For this list, we're looking at games that didn't necessarily punish cheaters, but mocked them for using their built-in passwords and cheat systems. Our countdown includes "Star Wars: The Clone Wars", "Dr. Muto", "Scarface: The World Is Yours" and more!

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today, we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Games That Shame You For Using Cheat Codes! For this list, we’re looking at games that didn’t necessarily punish cheaters, but mocked them for using their built-in passwords and cheat systems. Which of these codes did you use to unlock everything or break the game? Let us know down in the comments.

#10: “Quantum Redshift” (2002)

As we’ll see throughout the list, many games will shove in cheats for unlocking things or activating god mode behind codes where you basically admit you’re a cheater. “Quantum Redshift” gets a little more creative than that. To unlock every character in this high-octane racing title, name your profile “CHEAT” to access the Cheats menu under Options and type in “Nematode”. Yes, you are basically being called a parasitic worm for skipping the hurdles and unlocking the entire roster. But hey - are we really going to slog through a racing game that is very mid?

#9: “Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest” (2004)

Look, we get it; the “Donkey Kong Country” games can be really, really tough. So, sometimes, a little help is needed to get us to the end. The GBA port of “Diddy’s Kong Quest” can give you that help, but it will do so while mocking you. Go into the Cheats menu and type in “helpme” to start the game with fifteen lives. Okay, keeping us honest. That’s fine. But if you want to start with an exorbitant fifty-five lives, admit your lack of skill and type in “weakling”. Damn, Nintendo, did you really have to give us the brutally honest truth?

#8: “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” (2002)

We have yet to come across a “Star Wars” game that is insanely difficult (“Super Star Wars” notwithstanding, of course), but if you’re having trouble with 2002’s “The Clone Wars”, there are two codes that will call you out for cheating. Tired of running out of ammo? Type in the code “NOHONOR” for unlimited ammo. Struggling to unlock all of the bonus content? Type in “IGIVEUP” to unlock all of the extra goodies and wallow in your dishonor. Hope you are proud of yourself.

#7: “Minority Report: Everybody Runs” (2002)

The thing about movie tie-in games is that while most of them were pretty crappy, they still had some cheats that made the game more fun. In “Minority Report’s” case, the game was terrible through and through. However, if you were struggling to beat a level, there is a code that lets you skip. Thing is that the game will still insult you for doing so, even if the level skip is justified. If you really need to skip, use the cheat code “QUITTER”, but take out one of the two “T’s”. Hey, we might be a quitter, but at least we can spell it correctly.

#6: “Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09” (2008)

Tired of seeing customization options locked behind ridiculous unlock requirements? Want to show the king’s game how absolutely nonsensical and unfair it can be? There’s a cheat code for that, but like our previous entries, you will have to humiliate yourself a bit. Access the Passwords menu and type in “IAMRUBBISH” to maximize all of your stats and unlock all pieces of clothing and equipment. Yes, admitting that you suck at the game lets you play golf like a true god. We won’t judge anyone for using this code, though; most of us are pretty awful with this sport.

#5: “Dr. Muto” (2002)

“Dr. Muto” may not have been the best 3D platformer of the early 2000’s, but it was certainly one of the most interesting titles on account of its artstyle and morphing mechanics. Problem is that the game can get kind of cheap when trying to cut you down. Sick of all the potshots and game overs? Go to the Codes screen and type in “CHEATERBOY” to completely negate any and all damage. Call us a cheater all you want, game, but a lot of the deaths you’ve caused were complete sucker punches. Not cool, man.

#4: “Big Mutha Truckers” (2002)

“Big Mutha Truckers” is a racing game that offers its own sense of fun while putting YouTube censors on edge. Part of the fun comes in the variety of cheats it offers. Level select, infinite time, a damage toggle, and auto driving all offer different ways to play the game. But if you want every cheat accessible from the get go? Go to Options, then Cheats, and type in “CHEATINMUTHATRUCKER”. You know we will type that in without hesitation just to see how we can break a level! But did you really have to be that profane, game?

#3: “Scarface: The World Is Yours” (2006)

This game based on the legendary Al Pacino movie is perhaps one of the coolest GTA clones to have come out at the time. One of its best ideas was the heat mechanic, which could affect your rewards. Finish a job while the heat is high, and your cut will be larger. But if the heat is too much for you to handle, specifically gang heat, there is a code to make things more bearable. Go to the Cheats menu and type in the code "NOBALLS". Yes, admit that you have no cojones just so you can have a bit of peace in your criminal empire.

#2: “Major League Baseball 2K5: World Series Edition” (2004)

For a sports game, "MLB 2K5" is surprisingly savage in calling you out for trying to unlock things without playing the game. The code "Old Timers" will unlock all classic teams while "Gimme Goods" will unlock all extras. But to unlock all of the cheats, you will have to type in two words: "Ima Cheater". Yeah, yeah, we’ve been down this road before, game. We’re no stranger to confessing our cheating ways…even if it hurts a bit every time we do.

#1: “ATV Offroad Fury 2” (2002)

“ATV Offroad Fury 2” is an incredibly fun racing game, but when it comes to unlocking everything in the game…oof, man. It is quite a tall order to fulfill considering how unfair the AI can be at times. So, if you want absolutely everything the game has to offer without bashing your head against the wall, you will have to tell the game you forfeit. When making a profile, enter your name as “IGIVEUP” to unlock everything. Add an asterisk to “unlock everything”, though, because even with this code, you will still have one thing to unlock - the San Jacinto Isles course. Even when you tried cheating, you still couldn’t unlock everything. That alone is absolutely humiliating.