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VOICE OVER: Ashley Bowman WRITTEN BY: Garrett Alden
Fist fights don't come crazier than this! Join Ashley as we look over the best brawls from the Baki franchise, including the likes of "Baki vs Pickle", "Baki vs Oliva", "Baki vs Yujiro", and more!
Script written by Garrett Alden

#10: Baki vs. Hanayama

Even when the eponymous Baki is a kid, he still has some fantastic fights. One of his earliest rivals is Hanayama Kaoru, a teenage yakuza boss of incredible strength. The duo gets into a fight in a highrise nightclub. Along with their captivated audience, we’re treated to a battle between teenaged monsters! Although Hanayama’s gripping attacks prove as terrifying as his backstory is badass (and it’s awesome!), Baki still manages to hold his own. The 13-year-old manages to flip Hanayama multiple times, survive being thrown out the window, and attack Hanayama’s fingers to stop him from making a fist. While Baki remaining standing causes Hanayama to concede the fight, both combatants are worthy of our applause.

#9: Baki vs. Pickle

For most anime, a young fighter squaring off against an unfrozen caveman in an underground arena would be unusual. For “Baki,” it’s a Tuesday. Their fight is anything but average though! Baki uses plenty of unusual tactics against the powerful savage that make the fight wildly entertaining! These include everything from slaps, to grazes that send Pickle’s brain bouncing, to hitting him between the legs! He even devises multiple dinosaur-themed martial arts! It’s a phenomenal battle with a ton of creativity and a soundtrack that goes hard! Baki’s final, speedy assault on Pickle even forces the primitive colossus to use a martial move - awarding Baki a symbolic victory, if not an actual one.

#8: Doppo vs. Shibukawa

One of the many cool things about the Maximum Tournament in “Baki” (and indeed the series in general) is that it allows for crazy match ups of different fighting styles. In the final of D Block, karate master Orochi Doppo faces off with jiu jitsu master Shibukawa Gouki. Because Shibukawa is a master at redirecting his opponents’ strengths, he manages to throw Doppo frequently during the fight. Doppo eventually forces Shibukawa to come to him, which lets him get a few hits in on the elder master. But ultimately, Shibukawa shocks everyone by using his neck to flip his opponent! These two may be senior members of the regular cast, but they prove just as hotblooded and crazy as the youngsters!

#7: Jack vs. Mohammad Alai Jr.

Baki’s half-brother Jack is among the most ferocious and vicious fighters in the franchise, and his fights are equally brutal! In his quest to build up to fighting Baki, Mohammad Alai Jr. decides to challenge Jack. However, the boxer bites off more than he can chew with Jack - and Jack can chew plenty! Just look at him eat steak! Despite Junior getting in some solid punches, Jack’s size, power, and tenacity overwhelm him. Worst of all, Junior refuses to give up. His pride only makes his injuries that much more heinous, as Jack turns Junior from babyface to busted face!

#6: Baki vs. Jack

Speaking of Jack, he and his brother Baki clash in the finals of the Maximum Tournament. Both seek to surpass their father, but go about it in very different ways. Jack’s steroid-fueled body proves a blessing and a curse. While going overboard on them gives him the strength to keep going, it wrecks his body. The siblings each throw everything into the fight, with the emotions and stakes being among the highest in any fight in the franchise. Ultimately, Baki’s determination and final frontal neck lock technique unleashes his inner (and outer) ogre, and allows him to achieve victory. Plus, he gains a new understanding with his brother.

#5: Jack vs. Pickle

Perhaps Jack’s greatest and most savage battle is against one of the few combatants able to match or exceed him in barbarity - Pickle. After an opening barrage from Jack, the two ferocious fighters engage in the most brutal lip lock of all time! In this biting contest, Jack doesn’t just lose the exchange - he loses half his face! Jack doesn’t let a little thing like that stop him though! He redirects Pickle’s charging attack, stomps on his face, and even bites the caveman’s ear off! However, even Jack’s power can’t overcome Pickle’s ancient strength. Still, we have to give props to Jack - his resolve extends beyond his defeat, and terrifies even Pickle!

#4: Baki vs. Oliva

To get one step closer to defeating his father, Baki gets himself thrown in jail with the strongest man in America, Mr. Unchained himself, Biscuit Oliva. Oliva’s offer to set a date for their fight escalates into a full-on melee between the duo, that sees them burst through multiple prison walls. Their duel has some of the most ridiculous moves in the series, from Baki leaping off the ground using only his back muscles to Oliva going full Pac-Man to “swallow” his opponent! Ultimately, it concludes with a contest of pure strength, with each pummeling the other until Baki pushes Oliva back so much that he breaks free of the prison entirely! As far as Baki himself, this is among his best fights!

#3: Hanayama vs. Spec

When death row inmate Spec came to Japan hoping to “know defeat,” he didn’t bet on Hanayama! The young yakuza’s battle with Spec is one of the most brutal, knockdown brawls in the franchise! Every time you think it’s over, it just keeps going! Hanayama keeps asking if Spec “wants some more” - well we certainly do! Spec unleashes a barrage of punches that are strong enough to damage the Statue of Liberty! Hanayama has bullets blown up in his mouth! Even dragging Spec to the police station isn’t enough, as Hanayama endures getting shot and receiving a stun grenade to the face! This vicious street fight between criminals is the perfect blend of brutality and the outlandish that makes for the best “Baki” fights!

#2: Yujiro vs. Kaku Kaiou

You wouldn't think that a fight between the strongest creature in the world and a 146-year-old man would be hype - but you’d be wrong! Baki’s dad Yujiro faces off against the ancient kung fu master Kaku Kaiou in a tournament. At first, Kaku manages to put pressure on even Yujiro’s overwhelming strength with his ultimate relaxation technique, Shaori, which lets him move with his opponent’s moves and unleashes powerful blows of his own. However, even over a century of martial arts is no match for Yujiro’s overwhelming power. Kaku even dies - though it’s intentional on his part, and temporary. He may not defeat Earth’s strongest creature, but he doesn’t quite lose either! The clash between power and technique is an epic one indeed!

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Oliva vs. Guevara
Mr. Unchained Faces an Ex-Pirate for His Title

Katsumi vs. Pickle
This Karate Kid’s Punch Breaks the Sound Barrier, Among Other Things!

Doppo vs. Yujiro
Even the Ultimate Karate Dad Can’t Overcome the Ogre

Jack vs. Sikorsky
That Phone Booth Isn’t Big Enough for the Both of Them - Or One of Them!

Katou vs. Dorian Kaiou
Karate Student Fights Death Row Kung Fu Santa Claus in a Sewer

#1: Baki vs. Yujiro, Round 2

Ever since this duo’s first fight resulted in the death of Baki’s mother, the “Baki” franchise has been on a collision course for the rematch between father and son. And it all explodes during a dinner out for the Hanma family. Their battle totals a restaurant and cars, and sees both Baki and Yujiro use every incredible, ridiculous technique they can against each other! Baki obtains a new level of speed by imitating a cockroach! Yujiro uses his son like nunchucks! This fight is epic, emotional, and encapsulates everything that’s simultaneously badass, cool, and weird about “Baki.” Honestly, it’ll take a lot to top this larger-than-life family quarrel!

Is there a beloved “Baki” bout that we missed? Share your favorites in the comments below!