The Best Resident Evil 2 Mods

The Best Resident Evil 2 Mods

VOICE OVER: Adrian Sousa WRITTEN BY: Caitlin Johnson
Resident Evil 2 is getting great mod support on PC, and there are some crazy and amazing mods being made. So check out our picks for the best and craziest mods for the Resident Evil 2 remake.

Crazy Resident Evil 2 Mods

Welcome to MojoPlays! Today, we’re looking at the craziest mods for the “Resident Evil 2” remake – because who says you can’t improve upon perfection?

“X Gon’ Give It to Ya”
By DJ Pop

After a slew of memes made their way to the internet editing DMX’s biggest track into footage of “Resident Evil 2’s” scariest monster, modder DJ Pop finally took the hint and went to work creating this gem. Now, instead of playing the tense instrumental theme, when Mr. X approaches the game will instead play “X Gon’ Give It to Ya” over the top of his attempts to stomp all over your face. The song will fade as you get further away from him, and reaches a deafening climax if he manages to catch you. It also plays in both Leon and Claire’s campaigns, so you’ll always have the appropriate soundtrack no matter which order you choose to play them.


Capcom may have hinted at a possible “Resident Evil 3” remake, thanks to the popularity of “Resident Evil 2’s”. But if you don’t want to wait a few years to experience Tyrant's bazooka toating, this mod is for you. It will replace Mr. X with the third game’s deadly stalker, the eponymous Nemesis. In a lot of ways, Nemesis is a damn sight scarier to look at than Mr. X ever was, especially since Mr. X always seems to be dressed like a 1940’s noir detective. Nemesis is the one who will really make you jump out of your skin. "STAAAAAARRRRS!"

Classic Claire
By XxCRAZYPOTATOxX (just say crazy potato)

There were some mixed responses to Claire Redfield’s redesign. The game included an unlockable costume change for Claire, but it still didn't look close ENOUGH for some fans, including modder Crazy Potato, who made a mod that makes Claire look much closer to her original Resident Evil 2 look. Namely it adds her black undershirt and gloves while changing her hair colour at the same time. This might seem like a small change, but many fans were really happy that Crazy Potato took the extra effort.

Thomas Over Mr. X (With Music)
By ZombieAli and DJ Pop
Choo choo, here comes the pain train! Possibly inspired by Trainwiz And Friends' Thomas the Tank Engine mod for Skyrim, ZombieAli' has brought the loveable railway engine into Resident Evil 2. It's anything but friendly however as it replaces, you guessed it, Mr. X. This one is, in our opinion, the scariest Mr. X replacement so far, as Thomas' vacant expression and lack of animations turn Resident Evil into a surreal nightmare, especially if you also install DJ Pop's sound effects and music to go along with it.

Fixed Camera Angle

By Enveloping Sounds

Another way modders have helped recapture the magic of the original is through the camera, which has been over-the-shoulder ever since “Resident Evil 4”, with those old-school fixed camera angles getting left behind. While a return of the awkward, tank controls might be too much for younger gamers to stomach, anyone who played the game when it was fresh will love the nostalgia Enveloping Sounds' mod invokes. Not being able to move the camera definitely hinders everything from aiming to movement, making the game significantly more difficult and unfair. Still, for those seeking extra tension and a full on nostalgia trip will get a kick out of this mod.

Beach Boy X
By misterhecks

If making Mr. X into Nemesis made him scarier, this mod goes in the complete other direction by making him into a creepy Dr. Manhattan cosplay. A cosplay that can still wreck you with his bare hands mind you. misterheck's mod Beach Boy X is an enormous amount of fun, stripping Mr. X down to sunglasses, flip flops and an Umbrella banana hammock. It seems that everyone’s favorite monster is, in fact, beach body ready, though you still wouldn’t want to see him approaching you on the shore.

Dino Crisis

Modder Crazy Potato has been really busy since the game launched. While “Resident Evil” has only gotten bigger over the years, Capcom's other survival horror series “Dino Crisis” fell by the wayside until being shelved, seemingly for good in 2003. But if you’re someone who misses their fix of dinosaur-induced terror, you might want to check out these extensive mods. There are re-skins available which will replace Claire with Regina and Leon with Morton, and will even add a “Dino Crisis” themed jacket for Sherry to wear. There’s also a weapons pack, adding the Glock and a variant shotgun, among others.

First Person
By PRAYDOG and Kanan

“Resident Evil 7” both changed the franchise drastically and took it back to its roots. One of its most obvious changes was the first-person gameplay, which Resident Evil had never done particularly well in the past. Since this is the same engine used for the “Resident Evil 2” remake, it only makes sense for a first-person mod would pop up. The installation is a bit more obtrusive than most of the other mods we checked out, but still not too difficult considering how much it changes the game. The mod offers a lot of freedom for altering the field of view, disabling the atmospheric vignette, and changing the camera rotation speed. First-person will get you up close and personal with RPD’s undead inhabitants, increasing the scare factor tenfold.