Ryan Seacrest: Biography of the Reality Television Host

Born December 24th, 1974 in Dunwoody, Georgia, Ryan Seacrest loved radio ever since he was a boy. After studying journalism, Seacrest moved to Hollywood where he had a number of TV hosting gigs. He received some recognition after hosting a radio show but his big break came along in 2002 after he was cast as the host of "American Idol". He used this success to launch his own radio show and then became involved both in front of and behind-the-scenes on many different television programs. In this http://www.WatchMoj.com video, we take a look at the life and career of Ryan Seacrest.

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Interest in Radio

Ryan John Seacrest was born December 24th, 1974 in Dunwoody, Georgia. He began listening to the radio as a child and quickly became captivated by the medium.

First Broadcasting Job

In the late 1980s, Seacrest became the morning announcer for his high school’s public-address system. A few years later, he landed an internship at one of Atlanta top radio stations, and it was here he earned his first broadcasting gig. This eventually turned into a weekly shift.

Move to Hollywood and Radio Gig

In the early 1990s, Seacrest spent time studying journalism at the University of Georgia. However, he quickly left to move to Hollywood, and there he found a few television hosting jobs. Soon, he started hosting the radio show “Ryan Seacrest for the Ride Home.” This quickly became the radio station’s most popular program and was broadcast all over the United States.

“American Idol”

Seacrest continued to host various television shows into the new millennium. Then, in 2002, he got his big break when he became co-host of the reality television series “American Idol.” Thanks to his animated personality and the departure of his co-host the following year, it wasn’t long before he was a star on the massively successful show. Seacrest also went on to host a short-lived spin-off show “American Juniors,” in 2003.

His Own Television Show

In 2004, he unveiled the variety talk show “On-Air with Ryan Seacrest.” In an effort to take more control over his career, he acquired a stake in the television show on the advice of his mentor Dick Clark. Unfortunately, the program only lasted a few months.

His Own Radio Show

During this time, he also replaced Casey Kasem as host of the radio countdown show “American Top 40.” Seacrest then launched the radio show “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” on KIIS-FM. He acted both as host and executive producer on the program, and it eventually became syndicated all over North America. Because of these projects, and the popularity of “American Idol,” it was reported Seacrest was making an annual salary of ten million dollars.

“Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve”

The next year, Seacrest became co-host and executive producer of the television show “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve” to help out original host Clark after he suffered a stroke the year before. Seacrest was also designated future sole host of the program, which was eventually renamed “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest.”


In 2006, Seacrest signed a contract with the E! Cable Network for over twenty million dollars. The three-year deal permitted him to produce and host numerous shows. Seacrest also became the co-anchor of the TV entertainment program “E! News.”

Ryan Seacrest Productions

The next year, Seacrest took on double duty as host and red-carpet interviewer at the Primetime Emmy Awards. Following a cameo in the romantic comedy “Knocked Up,” he produced “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” via Ryan Seacrest Productions. The successful reality television series later spawned several spin-offs. Also in 2007, Seacrest appeared in popular ads for Crest and Scope and these companies contributed to his philanthropic interests by making donations to a charity of his choice.

Executive Producer

In 2008, Seacrest worked behind-the-scenes for a number of shows. He executive produced reality television shows like “Bromance” and “Denise Richards: It’s Complicated.” He was also nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Host for a Reality or Reality-Competition Program and hosted that year’s ceremony with his fellow nominees.

Highest Paid Reality TV Host
Next, Seacrest signed a deal to ensure he remained on E! until 2012. In 2009, he became the reality television host with the highest salary to that point after negotiating a contract for a forty-five million dollar payday.

Other Interests and Personal Life

While continuing to host “American Idol,” Seacrest dabbled in the both the fashion and restaurant industries. Due to his metrosexual tendencies, Seacrest has been dogged with rumors about his sexuality. As a result, his love life is often scrutinized by the media.

Content Provider

A self-proclaimed “content provider,” Ryan Seacrest is a thriving Hollywood entrepreneur with a career that continues to rise. It seems pretty safe to say that we’ll be seeing much more of him in the years to come. Seacrest out.

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