Top 20 Scariest Moments Caught on Twitch

VOICE OVER: Riccardo Tucci
These live-streaming moments will freak you out! For this list, we'll be reviewing troubling videos caught on Twitch from either pranks, paranormal activity, and even some really dangerous events. Our countdown includes Syndicate's Paranormal Door, Dr Disrespect's House Shot At, Sajedene's Home Invasion, MrsKittyNinja Terrifying Stalker, and more!

Top 20 Scariest Moments Caught on Twitch

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 20 Scariest Moments Caught on Twitch.

For this list, we’ll be reviewing troubling videos caught on Twitch from either pranks, paranormal activity, and even some really dangerous events.

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#20: Syndicate’s Paranormal Door

You’ve probably already heard of poltergeists, you know those ghosts capable of moving objects. Before he was embroiled in the infamous CS:GO Lotto scandal, Syndicate a.k.a. Tom Cassell was a ghost believer for at least a short moment in this next video! While he stepped away to go get food, his viewers saw the door of his bedroom swing open on its own. When he returned, everyone told him what happened. It was a very stressful moment for Syndicate who started believing his own house was haunted! Luckily, he found out it was his dad playing a prank on him. Well played dad!

#19: Tyler1 Gets Scared by His Girlfriend

We can never repeat it enough: never interrupt someone who is playing a horror game, just ask Jurassic Junkie. While his was more lighthearted, Controversial streamer Tyler1 got a bit more hot-tempered. He was right in the middle of playing Resident Evil 7 when his girlfriend Macaiyla scared him by sliding toward him in the dark. He obviously lost it and started screaming all around the house. It’s pretty funny from our perspective but from his… not so much, given his history of crazy outbursts!

#18: Rickeybot’s Pokémon GO Mugging

Pokemon GO took the world by storm back in 2016, so it’s no surprise that Twitch users would stream their Pokemon captures on the go. Unfortunately for streamer Rickey Yaneza, while streaming in Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn, New York, he would be approached from behind and attacked by a random guy. Everything was captured on stream, including the mugger taking away his streaming equipment. To add insult to injury, Twitch would then go on to suspend Yaneza, for violating the “Non-Gaming Content” category.

#17: Conman167 Wrestles With a Ghost

Conman167 is a live reaction twitch streamer whose content revolves around the world of professional wrestling. While giving his thoughts on WWE’s Monday Night Raw, a strange white line passes by his screen. While the streamer later stated it could have been a hair failing down, he was clearly freaked out by the whole experience. Let’s hope this was an actual ghost sighting and not Conman167 living up to his username!

#16: Carl Riemer Fires Live

In 2020, Professional Gamer and Twitch streamer Carl Riemer who was previously affiliated with the FaZe Clan may have cut his career short after this intoxicated stream. While playing “Call of “Duty” decided to show off his firearm to his viewers, thinking the weapon was empty and proceeded to accidentally fire it. Thankfully nobody was injured in the incident, but it did however go right through a metal cup and ricocheted into his computer monitor. The whole incident saw him banned from Twitch and kicked out of his gaming team SoaR.

#15: SirGaryTube’s Pokémon Haunting

Back in 2016, Twitch streamer SirGaryTube was shiny hunting on Pokémon X and Y. The hunter would soon become the haunted however when his viewers noticed his door closing behind him on its own. After hearing the noise SirGaryTube goes out to investigate if anyone is in the house, all the while the door closes once again. The streamer would claim that no one else was in the house but we all know the real reason was a mischievous Gengar!

#14: Dr Disrespect’s House Shot At

Prior to being banned from Twitch in 2020, Dr Disrespect was one of the top streamers on the platform with over four million followers. While streaming Call of Duty Black Ops 4 back in 2018, shots can be heard in the background. Dr Disrespect claimed that this had been the second shots fired in just two days and quickly ended the broadcast. He would later inform his followers that everyone was safe following the incident and investigators determined that the shots were fired by a BB Gun.

#13: Elliegato Stalked by Man With Katana

Elliegato, an Australian IRL streamer living in Japan, often broadcasts her daily life and goings on there. In this particular moment, taking place in Shibuya during a Halloween Livestream, Elliegato and her friend notice that they are being followed by an odd man carrying a sword. Despite numerous attempts by them to shake him off, he persistently follows the two. Luckily a stranger stepped in, helping them get to the police, and the stalker was soon apprehended.

#12: Summit1g Swatted in a Park

As one of the most popular Twitch Streamers out there, Summit1g has been the unfortunate victim of many swatting attempts. One such case was during the Pokemon GO craze when he and his friend were targeted during a stream at a local park. According to reports, police were told that a man fitting Summit1g’s description was carrying dangerous weapons. Luckily, Summit1g quickly figured out what was happening and was able to calmly explain the situation to the officers resulting in no further escalation.

#11: Gorilla Radio’s Live Drive-by

Background noise from the outside is something that always plagues many streams, but this moment was a little too close for comfort. While playing the rogue-like “Cult of the Lamb”, streaming group Gorilla Radio Show experienced a drive-by shooting extremely close to their house. The stream was interrupted by gunshots followed by tires screeching away. The group promptly ended their broadcast, and considering how loud the shots were, we don’t blame them whatsoever.

#10: robcdee’s Restaurant Confrontation

Beloved Twitch streamer Robcdee has oftentimes been called the “Angel of Shibuya” because of his kind deeds in the tokyo district, but it appears even Angels have enemies. While looking for his friend in a local izakaya, Robcdee soon finds himself being attacked two customers who claimed he was filming them, despite not intentionally showing them. Within seconds the situation escalated with one man even trying to break his equipment. It really makes you wonder what they were trying to hide.

#9: Reckful Stalked

Have you ever felt like you were being followed? It’s not a particularly comforting feeling! Twitch Streamer Reckful experienced this while he was live on his phone in Japan. While walking on the street one night, he noticed a dangerous looking man wearing a mask who seemed to be following him. And he was understandably panicked, because that man really looked like a Yakuza! With everyone on the chat telling him to run, he finally did. In the end, it was just a fan who recognized him and wanted to freak him out. To that fan we say: Not cool dude!

#8: Sajedene’s Home Invasion

Anything can happen during a live stream and unfortunately, Sajedene, (real name Nikki Elise) paid the price. During a live game of Dota 2, she heard a noise coming from inside the house. It was a burglar who broke in and came face to face with her. The remainder of the video shows a man walking into her bedroom and taking objects with him. That’s one freaky moment! Thankfully because she was streaming, viewers immediately called 911 and 27 year old Edgardo Martinez was arrested attempting to flee the scene. While Nikki and her boyfriend were both ok, though a little shaken.

#7: JesikaJay’s Neighbour Fire

Jesika Jay is a Twitch Streamer who specializes in drawing and cooking and she really came close! During a drawing tutorial, her neighbors came to warn her of a fire spreading nearby. As she watched from the window, Jesika realized she’d soon be part of the barbecue if she didn’t get out of there immediately! The immensity of the fire is impressive. Luckily, everything ended well for her! She certainly felt the heat though!

#6: Lothar’s Seizure

Let’s shake things up a little with this next disturbing video. On January 6th 2016, G2 Lothar (Real name Jakub Szygulski) was in the middle of a game of Hearthstone when his body started convulsing. In fact, he began having hallucinations and his vision was blurred. Moments later, he stiffened up and collapsed to the ground as though he was having some sort of an epileptic attack. His wife walked into the room and immediately called an ambulance when she saw him in that state. We are happy to report that Jakub hasn’t had another seizure since that incident, but on the other hand, he lost that game…

#5: Andy Milonakis’s Lollipop Stranger Encounter

We may come across some strange encounters in life, but this one takes the cake. Andy Milonakis dabbles in acting, rapping and sketch comedy, but he also Twitch streams IRL. On one particular evening, he was quietly sitting at a table when a weird big haired stranger sat beside him. He starts by introducing himself on camera and seems to be in some sort of trouble with law enforcement or psychiatric care. He then offers Andy a lollipop … UHHH ANDY! Listen to your viewers NEVER TAKE CANDY FROM STRANGERS!

#4: IcePoseidon Threatened by the Mafia

Paul Denino, otherwise known as Ice Poseidon stood no chance when he entered this restaurant in Los Angeles. Once seated, an old man came to see him and whispered in his ear. He was the owner and he made it clear that he’s a gangster and threatened him until he took his video elsewhere. Totally in shock, Paul complied. Whether he took it in good humour or not, we can still tell that this streamer was quite shocked. And whether he was a true gangster or not, Ice Poseidon will remember this event for a long time, and us too!

#3: MrsKittyNinja Terrifying Stalker

While Reckful’s stalker episode may have been a prank. MrsKittyNinja a.k.a Brooke Money had a more terrifying episode with this homeless man. He may have seemed innocent at first, but he became downright scary when he started following her. The young girl kept on smiling, while trying to think of a way to escape this nut who was following her. She was finally able to seek refuge in a building and realized how dangerous the situation really was. Luckily, all’s well that ends well for Brooke, who handled the situation amazingly well!

#2: Reydempto Assaulted in Amsterdam

In 2022, IRL Streamer Reydempto was broadcasting his night out in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Ironically, moments after discussing how safe the streets are thanks to the local police station, a stranger approaches Reydempto, puts his arm around his neck and proceeds to threaten him. Despite Reydemotos pleas to the intoxicated man to let him go, he is choked until he is left unconscious, all the while the stream is cut early. Reydempto would later reveal that he suffered a concussion from the attack, but thanks to everything being caught on stream, the police were able to easily arrest the assailant.

#1: Cohen77 Held at Gunpoint

Sajedene wasn’t the only streamer to deal with a home invader. Brazilian streamer Cohen77 had a similar affair and as you could probably guess: He wasn’t able to finish this game because something really bad happened. Burglars entered his house and directly pointed a gun to his head and asked him to get up. He’s then lead away from the camera by the two criminals. The Streamer never heard them coming in because he had his headphones on. Thankfully the two armed men did not use their weapons on him, and he’s still streaming to this day.