Alien Invasion: Is The Government Secretly Fighting Dangerous ETs? | Unveiled

VOICE OVER: Peter DeGiglio
Has the fight against aliens already started?? Join us... and find out more!

In this video, Unveiled takes a closer look at one of the greatest government coverup conspiracies of all; is Earth fighting a secret battle against REAL alien invaders? There are actually various reasons why this MIGHT be true... but do we REALLY need to start heading for the bunkers, just yet?

Alien Invasion: Is the Government Secretly Fighting Dangerous ETs?

What do you feel when you look up at the sky at night? With an endless expanse of “other worlds” set out before us, is there an awe-inspiring sense of wonder… or, if you consider the more malevolent forces that could be lurking out there, is there actually a huge sense of dread?

This is Unveiled, and today we’re answering the extraordinary question; is the government secretly fighting Dangerous ETs?

The suggestion that the world’s governments, authorities, or even secret societies could be hiding the truth about extraterrestrial life… is hardly new news. This particular conspiracy - that aliens exist and it’s only the revelation of their existence that’s being kept from most of us - is well known and well trod. We have the most notorious UFO cases to consider, like Roswell, and some lesser known ones too, like the allegedly multi-witnessed flying disc seen at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, in 2006. On top of that there are the famous claims made by Bob Lazar, who alleges he once worked at Area 51, reverse engineering alien technology… as well as claims (and leaked video clips) from the likes of Jeremy Corbell, one of America’s more popular UFO enthusiasts.

Of course, the search for alien life does have variously more official outlets, too, The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (or SETI) is an ongoing, international, cross-field effort to find alien life in the universe. Meanwhile, private initiatives such as Avi Loeb’s Galileo Project aim to do the same. But, across all examples and strategies, to what end is the search heading? From mainstream missions to “alternate” theories, why is the hunt for aliens deemed to be so important? According to one point of view, it’s because it could be a matter of life and death.

Perhaps the year 2021 will one day go down in history as “when everything changed”. Before 2021, almost all government investigations into UFOs either never officially happened, or were seen as something of a laughing stock. Since 2021, though, and the infamous “Preliminary Assessment” UFO Report published in June of that year, the one-time stigma has been gradually lifting. It’s also only in recent times that Area 51 has been officially recognised by the US government, in 2013, and then there were the revelations about AATIP (The Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program) made public in 2017 - five years after the Program officially closed. We’re partway through the twenty-first century and it perhaps seems as though suddenly, finally, talk of UFOs is actually being taken seriously by the top brass. Or, at least, that it’s no longer the stuff of science fiction only.

For some, the recent opening up of the discussion could be a sign of something bad on the horizon, however. Yes, it could be that proof of alien life is just around the corner, but also that that would be terrible for us. The Zoo Hypothesis famously suggests that we haven’t confirmed alien life until now because the truth is being kept from us by the aliens themselves. By technologically supreme beings who watch over us, much like we watch and study animals in a zoo. These watching aliens hold all the power, which in itself is why we don’t know they’re there. However, should anyone on Earth gain an understanding and insight into this surveilling alien force, then that zoo-like structure would start to crumble - so the theory goes. And the complete discovery of alien life would remove it altogether.

Here, when we uncover our zoo and thereby unveil reality, the theory splits into two. On the more optimistic side, we (the humans) are welcomed and praised by our alien onlookers for making the discovery, and for breaking through into a higher level of knowledge and existence. We’re recognised as more than something to watch and study by our alien zookeepers, and are gradually integrated into the true reality of the rest of the universe. And who knows what delights await us next! The revelation of lightspeed travel, perhaps, or of wormhole technology, of anti-gravity machines, of universal language, or of dark energy capture. All explored side-by-side, hand-in-hand with whichever alien creatures have shown themselves to us.

It sounds fantastic, but there’s another, much darker possibility. On the more pessimistic side of the Zoo Hypothesis (and its ultimate end) our discovery of watching aliens is cause for major alarm within that alien group. It’s the beginning of a loss of control for them, and the first sign of a potential revolt by their human specimens against them. From their point of view, then, the underlings would now know too much… and the balance of their experiment could be fast tipping toward chaos. So, what’s there left to do in a situation like this apart from shut it down? Close the zoo (i.e. Earth) before its creatures (i.e., us) break free.

Now, at this point, it’s not as though the Zoo Hypothesis is confirmed. It’s just one idea among many to suggest that 1) there could be intelligent aliens out there vastly more advanced than we are, and 2) that we could then be an unknowing part of a wider reality played out (and controlled) as if from a higher plane. The key aspect here, though, is that if the Zoo Hypothesis were true… then we wouldn’t necessarily want to know that it’s true, for our own good. Because as soon as we know that it’s true, we could be toast.

Which brings us back around to the apparent secrecy surrounding the search for aliens (at least until recently) by humans on Earth. Within the confines of the Zoo Hypothesis, space travel and space research is perhaps even more dangerous than it already appears to be… because the more we learn about what happens away from Earth, the closer we get to understanding that we’ve essentially been trapped here. That we’ve been inhabiting a wholly artificial environment, setup inside a massive petri dish, from our perspective. And, if there’s any possibility that that petri dish could be emptied as soon as we get too clever then, really, it’s better for us to remain oblivious.

So is that what the authorities have been doing for all these years? Seemingly denying alien encounters in a bid to preserve our collective innocence and therefore existence? Is there a coverup afoot for real… but one that’s entirely in everyone’s best interests? And could that mean that anyone who has worked out the truth is also secretly trying to work out how to get around it? Trying to plot how to liberate humanity from the zoo without being rumbled by our alien overlords in the meantime?

Clearly, there are some huge and incredible jumps to make here. And again, there’s so far nothing by way of solid evidence that this is what’s really happening. This scenario is much more a “thought experiment” than a genuine concern… but, still, it’s an interesting thought experiment to play out. What’s your verdict? Could our reality really be hanging by such a delicately thin thread? Or are there other reasons why, officially, we still haven’t made first contact?

Finally, and in either case, there’s another concept we might consider here; the Dark Forest Theory. While there are many wider implications involved, at its core the Dark Forest Theory urges us to proceed with utmost caution when it comes to space and searching for aliens. It suggests that the most successful space civilizations are those which most slowly and carefully move through the universe… evading detection from anything else as they do so.

In the Dark Forest reality, it very rarely pays to make your presence (or intelligence) known. It’s much wiser to explore as quietly as possible, tiptoeing through the “trees” of space without disturbing even a branch… without leaving even a trace that you’re there. So perhaps - in our own quest for the truth - there’s a bit of this at play, as well? And perhaps that’s why, for so many of us, and despite all the statistical predictions that they should exist, alien life still isn’t known. Because maybe you really can know too much.

And that’s one reason why there really could be a secret fight unfolding against dangerous ETs.