Top 10 Times Celebs Mocked Horrible Interview Questions
Trivia Top 10 Times Celebs Mocked Horrible Interview Questions



Top 10 Times Celebs Mocked Horrible Interview Questions

VOICE OVER: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Victoria Toltesi
Did they seriously just ask that? For this list, we'll be looking at awkward, humiliating and embarrassing interviews where the celebrity couldn't ignore the stupidity of the questions being asked. Our countdown includes Jesse Eisenberg, Jerry Seinfeld, Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway, and more!
Written by Victoria Toltesi

Top 10 Times Celebs Mocked Interview Questions

Did they seriously just ask that? Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Times Celebs Mocked Interview Questions.

For this list, we’ll be looking at awkward, humiliating and embarrassing interviews where the celebrity couldn’t ignore the stupidity of the questions being asked.

#10: Jesse Eisenberg

Oh boy, we’re going to start with a doozy. The moment Eisenberg sits down for an interview with Romina Puga things get awkward. The actor was promoting the film “Now You See Me”, leading Puga to go straight to magic tricks. Eisenberg is clearly unimpressed with Puga’s interview skills and criticizes the writing on her hand, how she casually referred to Morgan Freeman as just ‘Freeman’ and even called her the Carrot Top of interviewers... a comparison that's very hard to find a compliment in. Eisenberg – er... Jesse Eisenberg – did humor her with a card trick, but the atmosphere remained painfully awkward.

#9: Quentin Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino movies are famous for their violence, so it’s safe to say that the director is not only an expert on the subject, he’s also pretty sick of discussing it. Since the beginning of his career it’s been a lazy, within arms reach recurring topic – but Krishnan Guru-Murthy opted to go there anyway, asking if Tarantino thought that the violence in his movies encouraged violent actions in real life. Tarantino not only refused to answer the question, he also refused to explain why he wouldn't answer the question. In an attempt to be highbrow, Guru-Murthy continued to push the issue, making it more and more awkward and Tarantino more and more angry.

#8: Anne Hathaway

When Anne Hathaway starred as Catwoman in “Dark Knight Rises” she needed to get into comic book shape, and boy golly didn't the interviewers love to ask her about it. "Extra's" Jerry Penacoli was especially interested; asking for details on her diet, her fitness routine, specific exercises and the actual fit of the suit. It got to the point where Hathaway had to ask if he was planning on going on a diet to try and fit into a catsuit, because surely that is the only explanation of why he’d be so interested. Luckily for Penacoli, Hathaway was able to find humor in the situation and ride through it.

#7: Mayim Bialik

We get it, when working the red carpet at any award show you have to interview a lot of stars, and in depth research becomes difficult... which is how we get moments like these. At the SAG awards Mayim Bailik was asked if a lot of people assumed she could do calculus because she played Amy, a neuroscientist on “The Big Bang Theory”. Well, it turns out that yes, Mayim Bailik can do calculus: because she just so happens to be an actual neuroscientist in real life, a fact that she happily shared with the interviewers.

#6: Cara Delevingne

Nothing puts a woman – or anyone for that matter – in a good mood like being told they seem exhausted and irritated. In Cara Delevingne's case, these comments came at the end of an already awkward interview on Good Day. Things started off with the hosts talking down to her, and obviously not understanding Delevingne's sarcastic sense of humor. She tried to lighten the mode by explaining it was just early for her, but when the hosts told her to take a nap and drink a red bull there was no saving the interview.

#5: Matt Damon

Oh boy, if you want an interview to go well maybe don’t insult someone’s work ethic or their motivation, especially if that person is Matt Damon. When an ambush journalist insinuated that the only reason the actor is such a hard worker is because his career doesn’t have job security, Damon didn't appreciate the insinuation. Matt Damon is by all accounts an intelligent man, so his explanation on why her question is stupid is suitably eloquent, and gave her a few moments to reflect on her life choices. Given that he was attending a teacher's rally, he even managed to work her limp question into a succinct vessel of support for educators.

#4: Jim Carrey

Apparently “what’s up” is a very loaded question for Jim Carrey. When interviewed at New York Fashion Week, Carrey explained he wanted to come to the most meaningless place he could think of. Catt Saddler tried to defend the event saying it promoted icons, and but Carrey just went deeper, saying he didn’t believe in icons, or in anything really. He later contextualized the bizarre reaction, saying he was having a bit of an existential crisis and at that moment he didn’t know who Jim Carrey was, which was hopefully enough to give Saddler something resembling closure.

#3: Jerry Seinfeld

This interview went down as one of Larry King’s worst interview moments in his epically long career, so you know it’s going to be a doozy. While interviewing Jerry Seinfeld, King brought up his eponymous sitcom and made the mistake of clarifying that it hadn't been “canceled”. Jerry's reaction is one of pure outrage, accusing King of not knowing who he is and reminding viewers just how successful the show was. Let’s get this straight, no one cancels Jerry Seinfeld, Jerry Seinfeld cancels them. Just like Larry was trying to say!

#2: Tom Hardy

After playing a gay man in “Legend”, film media began to ask questions regarding Tom Hardy’s own sexuality. At a Toronto Film Festival panel he was asked by a journalist from the Daily Xtra if he found it difficult to publicly discuss his sexuality, a question the actor found a tad offensive. After some back and forth as to why one would feel the need to ask such a thing, Hardy dismissed it with a simple “thank you.” The outlet went on to defend the question – as they are a gay and lesbian news source – but Hardy has defended his stance as well, saying it was not an appropriate place to talk about such a personal issue.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Jane Fonda

Scarlett Johansson

Taylor Swift

Robert Pattinson

#1: Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix famously loathes interviews, even the good ones. In his own words he absolutely hates them, so if you have the chance to interview him you better keep it interesting. Following his outstanding performance in “Joker”, Phoenix faced renewed attention from the world's press, and clearly quickly became tired with the same set of questions, and he let everyone backstage at the Golden Globes know it. Asked a by then fairly routine question, Joaquin dismissed it initially as “old news” before laying into it with sarcasm-fueled, ultra-thorough detail.