Top 10 Most Evil Grand Theft Auto Missions

VOICE OVER: Todd Haberkorn WRITTEN BY: Jarett Burke
Written by Jarett Burke

Like GTA wasn't controversial enough! Welcome to Watchmojo, and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Most Evil Grand Theft Auto Missions. For this list we're looking at the meanest, most heinous, down-right dubious missions in the history of Grand Theft Auto!

Most Evil Grand Theft Auto Missions

Written by Jarett Burke

Like GTA wasn’t controversial enough! Welcome to Watchmojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Most Evil Grand Theft Auto Missions.

For this list we’re looking at the meanest, most heinous, down-right dubious missions in the history of Grand Theft Auto!

#10: Deconstruction
“Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas” (2004)

While we don’t condone the actions of the construction workers in any way, we can say for certain that things were taken a little too far in this mission. Once Carl finds out from Kendi that the construction workers have harassed her, he decides to take things into his own hands and scare them off by destroying all of the portable huts their own bulldozer. After appearing from a portable toilet and witnessing the chaos the foreman decides he isn’t having any of it and heads right back in. Carl uses this opportunity to move the toilet into a ditch and then fills it with cement, essentially burying him alive. So much for scaring them off!

#9: Flatliner
“Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars” (2009)

GTA is no stranger to bizarre escort missions, but this one certainly takes the cake. In this instance Huang is asked by the club owner Zhou Ming to pick up an old friend of his, a convict called Uri who is currently on medical release. After stealing the Ambulance with his sick friend inside, the two finally have their fated reunion, but things aren’t what they seem. Zhou quickly pulls a knife out and takes revenge on his former friend, removing his heart then and there, which is incredibly ironic considering the fact that the whole reason he was on medical leave was for his heart condition.

#8: The Eddie Low Encounters
“Grand Theft Auto IV” (2008)

From the very moment Niko encounters Eddie Low, it’s blatantly apparent that he’s a psychopath that you shouldn’t get involved with. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that Eddie’s request to “Drop off his friend” is just him hiding body parts of his victims, something that doesn’t phase Niko in the slightest. After aiding the serial killer in his crime, Niko ends up encountering Eddie again, only this time instead of helping him he ends up giving him a taste of his own medicine, killing him in self defense.

#7: Dead Meat
“Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories” (2005)

If your mother said she wished you had someone else’s guts, you’d automatically assume she meant courage. Not so in GTA, however. This is probably the only gaming franchise where such a wish is taken literally. So… Yeah… you guessed it: someone’s getting his guts torn out. If it wasn’t clear that you’re playing as an utter psychopath up until this point in “GTA: Liberty City Stories,” the Dead Meat mission should make it perfectly clear that Toni Cipriani is many, many cards short of playing with a full deck (and we should probably question our own selves as to whether we really want to be controlling this lunatic). Not only does Toni chop up Giovanni’s body with an axe, he then feeds it into a meat grinder, turns him into sausage links, and then delivers the links back to Giovanni’s own deli! Good lord!!

#6: Friend Request
“Grand Theft Auto V” (2013)

We’ve probably all scratched our heads at decisions made by Social Media moguls like Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and Jack Dorsey of Twitter – and probably cursed them out on their very social media platforms too. But, the one thing we didn’t do was rig an explosive device to their phone, call them, and then blow it up on live television… That’s just evil! Sure, Michael is more of an unsuspecting pawn in this mission, and Lester is the real psychopath ingrained deep within the conspiracy-filled world of the Internet that wants to murder Tech Bros, but when we called LifeInvader founder Jay Norris and his head exploded, well, we felt like this whole situation could have ended in a less, ahem, fatal way. Perhaps a stern talking to would have sufficed?

#5: Have a Heart
“Grand Theft Auto IV” (2008)

Let’s face it, there’s a lot a nasty missions in “GTA 4,” especially the ones involving creepy scumbag Eddie Low, but taking newly iced bodies to an organ-harvesting quote/unquote “doctor” is pretty sickening when you think about it. Niko is so cold-blooded, and we as the gamers are so desensitized, that neither of us really flinched when Manny and Jay were executed for no reason, and we probably giggled when Niko took the opportunity to make a witty joke afterwards. There’s an overall sense that this is the norm in Liberty City, and that it’s no big deal to A) kill people and B) get their organs on the black market ASAP. Of course, both these things are EXTREMELY NOT NORMAL, but suspending disbelief is an essential part of any GTA experience (or else, we’d be maniacs).

#4: Treacherous Swine
“Grand Theft Auto: Vice City” (2002)

When you’re drawing on Brian DePalma’s cult classic “Scarface” for inspiration, it should just be assumed that the end result will be less than wholesome – especially when it’s the infamous chainsaw scene. So, when Tommy is tasked with killing Gonzalez in “Vice City,” he doesn’t bring a gun to a gunfight, instead he brings a chainsaw to a massacre! Up until this point in the game, we’ve been killing folks mostly with guns and explosives, so the addition of a chainsaw seems a bit overboard in this scenario (and pure evil, as well). But, there’s no doubt it stands out from the rest of the over-the-top violence in the game by being, well, even MORE over-the-top. Suddenly our fond childhood memories of this game are being complicated by morals and values. Damn you adulthood!!

#3: Bringing the House Down
“Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories” (2005)

This mission all boils down to greed… and the fact that Toni Cipriani is a psychopath as we’ve already discussed. Taking direction from a wealthy billionaire who wants more city property to develop, but can’t get the owners to sell, Toni drives a van full of explosives beneath the desired city block via an old subway line and blows the whole thing sky high. Now, surely, SURELY, there was an easier and better way of doing this than murdering an entire city block so one rich guy could own a few more buildings? The worst thing about this mission is that – seeing as it’s a poorer part of the city – the majority of the people living there would be renting and thus not even own the property they were just blown up for!

#2: By the Book
“Grand Theft Auto V” (2013)

This mission needs no introduction, seeing as it drew heavy amounts of criticism and was endlessly debated on the Internet back when “GTA 5” released. Yes, it’s the infamous torture scene that saw Trevor shock, stab and gouge some poor guy nearly to death. But what makes it more evil is the fact that it’s not a cut scene and we, as the player, are heavily involved in just how we’ll torture this helpless man. Hmmm, shall we use gasoline, electrical current, or just rip his teeth out of his head?? Oh, the choices! And if all this SOUNDS gruesome, then you should really see it play out on TV. Here’s a tip: it’s not for the faint of heart.

#1: Hot Dog Homicide!
“Grand Theft Auto 2” (1999)

When it comes down to evil acts, feeding an unsuspecting busload of pedestrians into a meat grinder to make hot dogs out of them has to be number one on the list… Yet, despite being such an unimaginably vile act, making human meat products actually occurs TWICE on this video! Jesus Rockstar! What the hell is the matter with you?? You couldn’t have had the pedestrians go shopping or something nice? Well, apparently PlayStation wasn’t a big fan of this mission either, as they removed civilian busses from the game’s. So, in the PSOne version, we’re feeding an opposing gang into the meat grinder, which makes this mission a little less evil, but not by much! It’s still pretty heinous!
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