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The Worst Open World Games

VO: Riccardo Tucci WRITTEN BY: Ty Richardson
As much as we like open world games, that doesn't mean that there aren't a lot of bad ones out there. Join MojoPlays as we take a look at some of the worst of the worst.

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Worst Open World Games

Welcome to MojoPlays! Open world games tend to feel massive, immersive, and sometimes, overwhelming. These experiences, on the other hand, kept pulling us out with their technical problems, bland environments, or whatever else they managed to screw up. These are the Worst Open World Games, and they are the worst of the absolute WORST!

Terrible “Minecraft” Rip-offs

We’re just going to get these out of the way right now… Despite the game being nearly a decade old, there are still hundreds of developers trying to piggyback off of “Minecraft’s” success. All these games manage to replicate is Minecraft’s art style and nothing more. Most of the time, they’ll be plagued with bugs and glitches or will have absolutely nothing to make its world remotely interesting. In other words, these carbon copies rely on aesthetic to sell their games, which forces us to question their motives behind shelling out their games. Did you really pour your heart and soul into this, or are you just trying to trick kids into thinking they’re playing “Minecraft”? Trust us, if they wanted to play “Minecraft”, they’d go play “MINECRAFT”!! Thanks for ruining Christmas guys.

"Fallout 76" (2018)

Unlike games like Sea of Thieves and No Man’s Sky, both of which were initially disappointing but got much better overtime, Fallout 76 keeps taking as many steps backwards as it takes forwards. Unable to add meaningful new content, Fallout 76 is still scrambling to fix bugs and balance the game, but every time they try, old bugs come back, and new glitches and exploits keep popping up. There is still a devoted community trying to hold onto the possibility of Fallout 76 getting better, and we agree that it is possible, but even that community is starting to get frustrated.

“Superman Returns” (2006)

Oh, this game is super alright...super dreadful! Not only is “Superman Returns” one of the worst movie tie-ins ever made, but it’s also one of the worst open world games for various reasons. For starters, controlling Superman is aggravating as hell! The Man of Steel runs at Sonic the Hedgehog speeds, making it difficult for players to turn corners and reach objectives. The world itself is a massive blemish, too. Metropolis is devoid of any unique visuals or landmarks, which makes the entire experience forgettable. The city would be under attack so much that free roaming felt more like babysitting. But hey at least it’s better than Superman 64 … that’s not saying much though.

“The Amazing Spider-Man 2” (2014)

Supes isn’t the only hero to suffer from terrible games. Our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man has seen his fair share of buggy, glitchy, broken titles, and “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” is one of his worst outings. The game was about as cookie cutter as it could possibly be, lacking anything that makes “Spider-Man” so unique. It felt like every other “Spider-Man” we played last generation and the generation before that. Mix the ho-hum experience with frequent animation bugs, cringy voice acting, and terrible writing, and this game would be enough for the webhead to consider retirement.

“Infestation: Survivor Stories” (aka “The War Z”) (2012)

It’s one thing to copy the artstyle of a popular game, but when you rip off literally every aspect, you’re on a whole other level of scummy. Enter “Infestation: Survivor Stories”! Formerly known as “The War Z”, the game received massive backlash from the gaming community for directly ripping off of “Day Z”. Plagued by technical glitches, graphics uglier than a zombie’s face, and piss-poor audio, the reason why this game survived four years is an enigma in itself. When news broke out that the servers would shutdown in December 2016, most of us responded with “Good riddance.” Of course, it did try coming back as “Infestation: The New Z”, complete with its own; Drum roll please … BATTLE ROYALE MODE! … Yeah - it’s still just as worse as the previous iterations...

“Homefront: The Revolution” (2016)

The first “Homefront” game was a … decent shooter at best. But it was over way too soon and it heavily baited a sequel. “Homefront: The Revolution” was not that sequel, it was a reboot instead … and an utter disaster. This is one of the biggest messes of bugs and glitches we have ever seen! Objects will go missing in the environment. The player can get stuck behind randomly placed invisible walls. If that wasn’t enough, the AI is completely idiotic! You’ll often find NPCs running into objects, phasing through each other, Not animating while moving, driving into obsticles on the road...need we say more?

“Metal Gear Survive” (2018)

Once Kojima escaped Konami’s clutches, we knew the “Metal Gear” franchise would never be the same. However, we didn’t expect we’d see the franchise again in such a short amount of time. In a little over two years since “Phantom Pain”, “Metal Gear Survive” disappoint the world in being yet another online co-op zombie survival game, before the game was even released. As one would expect, it did nothing to stand itself least in a positive way. The only reason we’d remember “Survive” is for its punishing hunger, thirst and stamina meters, cookie-cutter gameplay and mechanics, and ten-dollar save files. Yes, you had to cough up ten dollars just to make a new character and start over in a sixty-dollar game…

“Raven’s Cry” (aka “Vendetta: Curse of the Raven’s Cry”) (2015)

Yargh! This be a pirate’s life that nobody could possibly enjoy… On paper, an open world pirate game sounds like surefire success! Unfortunately, “Raven’s Cry” flubbed it up in the worst ways possible. As if the atrocious voice acting didn’t keelhaul us, the frequent audio bugs and boring world certainly did. The Developer even tried to salvage this mess, by pulling the game from Steam and re-releasing it as “Vendetta: Curse of the Raven’s Cry” and while that version is a slight improvement, It’s still an overwhelming bug ridden mess. Even in a world where “Fallout 76” exists, “Raven’s Cry” still manages to be the most disappointing and worst open world game we’ve ever played, and we’d rather walk the plank than spend another minute in its empty waters.


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