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Top 10 Embarrassing Celebrity Game Show Fails

VO: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Nicholas Miller

Just because they’re famous doesn’t mean they’re immune to embarrassment. From Aaron Paul’s appearance on The Price is Right, to Jon Hamm getting rejected on The Big Date, these game show moments are sure to make you cringe. WatchMojo is counting down the funniest celebrity game show fails.

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Script written by Nicholas Miller

Top 10 Embarrassing Celebrity Game Show Fails

Just because they’re famous doesn’t mean they’re immune to embarrassment. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down the top 10 celebrity game show fails.

For this list, we’ll be looking at times celebrities appeared on game or dating shows, before or after they became famous, and either lost big or had a major awkward moment.

#10: Aaron Paul's Price is Wrong

“The Price is Right” (1972-)
This “Breaking Bad” and “Bojack Horseman” star appeared on “The Price is Right” way back in 2000 as a fresh-faced young man seemingly obsessed with host Bob Barker. He’s since sheepishly admitted that he’d downed six cans of red bull, which explains why he looked like he was - in his own words - “on some serious crack”. He actually started out well in the competition, but missed out on a brand new car when he guessed just one number wrong off the correct price, and then a touch too high in the Showcase Showdown. His enthusiasm for Bob Barker, on the other hand, was priceless.

#9: Patricia Heaton Crunches the Numbers

“Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” (2002-)
In 2009, Patricia Heaton appeared on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” to raise money for the charity of her choice. When host Regis Philbin presented the “Everybody Loves Raymond” star with a pretty standard math question, Heaton had a minor meltdown and wouldn’t even attempt to figure the question out. After using her Phone A Friend to call her husband, Heaton took too long to read the question and he was unable to give an answer. From here, Philbin walked the actress through the problem and helped her solve it step-by-step, in what had to be a major case of game show nerves.

#8: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's Mind in the Gutter

“Jeopardy!” (1984-)
When basketball megastar Kareem Abdul-Jabbar rang in to answer a question about movie ratings on this 2012 Power Players edition of “Jeopardy!”, little did he know that the result would be this hilarious viral moment. Contestants were read the clue and asked to name the missing movie rating from PG, PG-13, R and NC-17. The answer is G, but Abdul-Jabbar instead gave the answer X, to the amusement of the audience, host Alex Trebek and even himself. This wasn’t the first time the former NBA champion has had a memorable moment on “Jeopardy!”, either. In a separate appearance on the show, Abdul-Jabbar embarrassingly flubbed an easy $200 question about a quote he himself made!

#7: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Gets A Little Too Excited

“Jeopardy!” (1984-)
It’s hard to blame JGL too much for this one, considering he was only 16 at the time, but we can’t help but laugh at this enthusiastic response from the young actor to a clue about the book “Catcher in the Rye.” Before Alex can even finish reading off the answer, “Joey” can be hearing “ooh”-ing in anticipation before he’s able to ring in. With an adorable voice crack, Gordon-Levitt supplies Trebek with the correct response, adding that he’s so excited and it’s his favorite book. Alex Trebek replies with his go-to catchphrase: “good for you!” Classic Alex.

#6: Kellie Pickler Misses the Button

“Celebrity Family Feud” (2008, 2015-)
Compared to other game shows that sometimes feature celebrity appearances, “Celebrity Family Feud” can often feel a little over-produced. However, that can’t stop the occasional entertaining mishap from getting through. A prime example is this moment when country star Kellie Pickler’s enthusiasm for naming “something specific that only your man is allowed to do to your behind” leads her to miss the button and slam her hand on the table - startling host Steve Harvey in the process. It takes a moment for Harvey to process what just happened, but Pickler does guess the number one answer in the end.

#5: Jon Hamm Gets Rejected

“The Big Date” (1996-97)
It appears that Jon Hamm didn’t always share the suave charm of his TV counterpart Don Draper. In 1996, Hamm appeared on short-lived 90s dating show “The Big Date” as a contestant vying for the affection of a young woman by the name of Mary. The long-haired, 25 year old Hamm only had a brief moment to make his case to Mary before she had to choose between him and two other contestants. Unfortunately for Hamm, Mary decided to go with another guy, leaving Hamm to sit awkwardly alone on a couch for the rest of the episode.

#4: Jason Alexander Forgets His ABCs

“Jeopardy!” (1984-)
The game of “Jeopardy!” can be unforgiving when it comes to making people look like fools, and even comedy powerhouses can become victims. When the simple clue given essentially boils down to ‘what is the 10th letter of the alphabet?’ and you ring in with the wrong answer, is there really anybody to blame but yourself? Especially when somebody else has already guessed another wrong answer ahead of you! Contestant Carol Burnett was at least wise enough to let the other two give wrong answers before she finally answered correctly with “J.” Well, better late than never.

#3: Snoop Dogg's Pie in the Horse

“Celebrity Family Feud” (2008, 2015-)
Leave it to the one-and-only Snoop Dogg to give this legendary nonsense answer during Fast Money that left the audience cracking up and Steve Harvey bewildered. When asked to fill in the blank in: “Pie in the what?” the famous rapper responded with, of all things, . . . “horse.” In a moment of sheer bliss, the audience laughed, and a stunned Steve Harvey was momentarily taken aback, while Snoop just giggled and shrugged. He and his family would end up winning the game, but the most memorable moment of their appearance will always be this hilarious answer.

#2: Bill Maher Takes One For The Team

“Pictionary” (1997-98)
Who ever would have thought a game of “Pictionary” could get this violent? Appearing on the short-lived game show version of the classic board game, “CHIPS” star Erik Estrada and comedian Bill Maher are forced to work together to guess what the contestant is drawing. Estrada is on a roll, and excitedly guesses the correct answer, following up with an enthusiastic celebration that puts his fist directly into Maher’s face. The force of the accidental-punch sends Maher flying into the couch and onto the ground so dramatically that we almost have to think he was exaggerating. At least they won the round!

#1: Wolf Blitzer in the Hole

“Jeopardy” (1984-)
When CNN’s Wolf Blitzer made his second “Jeopardy!” appearance in 2009, you’d think he’d be prepared. That was unfortunately not the case, as Blitzer had one of the most brutal games of “Jeopardy!” imaginable, answering question after question wrong and finishing up with negative $4,600 before being given a balance of $1,000 so he could participate in Final Jeopardy. Not only did poor Wolf faceplant in his game, he was steamrolled by none other than comedian Andy Richter, who finished with a score of $68,000. We’d say better luck next time, but we have a feeling Blitzer may not see a “Jeopardy!” return in his future.

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