Top 10 Underrated Songs By Female Pop Singers



Top 10 Underrated Songs By Female Pop Singers

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These are the most underrated songs by female pop singers! For this list, we're looking at those tracks sung by popular songstresses that have gone under-loved as compared with some of their other music. Your pop playlists are going to love these. We've included songs like “Oh Father: by Madonna, “Criminal” by Britney Spears, “Grown woman” by Beyonce, “Desperado” by Rihanna” and more!
With so many great pop songs out there, it’s easy for one or two to fall through the cracks. But these tunes deserve better than that. Welcome to MsMojo, and today, we’re counting down our picks for the Top Ten Underrated Songs by Female Pop Singers.

For this list, we’re looking at those tracks sung by popular songstresses that have gone under-loved as compared with some of their other music. Your pop playlists are going to love these.

#10: “You Lost Me” (2010)
Christina Aguilera
After years of mutual fandom between Sia and Christina Aguilera, 'You Lost Me' saw the pair creating magic together. Christina sings about an ex whose cheating tore them apart, and has left her tainted. Tender strings and pianos match Aguilera's fragile emotional state, as she tries to come to terms with her past. She yells with all her heart and growls out aggressively to hammer home just how devastated she's become. The song even topped the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart, despite being a break from the driving beats of 'Bionic'.' 'You Lost Me' gives us chills thanks to Christina's revealing lyrics and evocative vocals.

#9: “Oh Father” (1989)
With David Fincher enlisted as the music video director, you just know “Oh Father” is a powerful song. But if that’s not enough for you to strap in for a bumpy ride down a dark road, the lyrics will certainly have you reaching for the reaching for the tissue box. All of this, plus the fact that it is based on the truth of Madonna’s childhood, well… good luck plugging those waterworks. Released as a single off “Like a Prayer”, the track was never a high charting one for Madonna, and wasn't even released in most of Europe until 1995, but it certainly has our attention now.

#8: “Criminal” (2011)

Britney Spears
Since her career began, Britney has been putting out hit after hit, so she's bound to have a few misses. And the catchy “Criminal” happened to be one of them. And even though it was chosen by her fans to be the fourth single off the “Femme Fatale” album, the LP had so many great songs on it that it that this one just slipped under the radar, receiving little love, and only hitting 55 on the Billboard Hot 100. But with a great synth beat and a relatable theme of falling for the wrong guy, it’s still a great song that deserves more.

#7: “All I Ever Wanted” (2009)
Kelly Clarkson
The title track off of Kelly Clarkson’s 2009 album, this rocking cover of an Aranda song was the recipient of many positive reviews when it first came out. The LA Times even said the tune “evokes the soul-rock fusions of Timbaland and Rihanna." Plus with a bittersweet but relatable message about love, this song is one that can easily become addictive. Unfortunately though, the song never broke the top ten on any of the charts. In fact, it entered the Billboard Hot 100 at 99, and peaked just three positions higher before slipping away.

#6: “Grown Woman” (2013)
Yes, even Queen Bey has a song or two that has gone undervalued by the public at large. As you'd expected from her, the track is absolutely stellar, has a killer beat, and some damn fine lyrics. So why are we talking about it today? Well, that could be because it was released with many other amazing songs on the platinum edition of her self-titled album. As a matter of fact, let’s say that is the reason. Because, as proven even by this lesser known tune, Beyoncé can do no wrong.

#5: “Hometown Glory” (2008)
Though this was the first of many great singles released by this beloved British singer, “Hometown Glory” took a bit to catch on with the public. And even now, it still is somewhat forgotten when listing Adele’s greatest hits. But that certainly did not stop it from being used on multiple shows’ soundtracks, like “Skins” and “One Tree Hill”. Nor did it stop the song from receiving a Grammy nomination in 2010. Give it another listen, and you’ll see why the world was immediately begging for more from this amazing voice.

#4: “Greedy” (2016)
Ariana Grande
As another one who rarely disappoints her adoring public with her music, Ariana hits it out of the park with this song as well, but not everyone thought so. “Greedy” was met with mixed reviews, one critic calling Grande “a lady Bruno Mars,” others comparing the track itself to Uptown Funk. It wasn't released as a single at all in the US, but was in parts of Europe – hitting a disappointing 113 in the UK, and an even less impressive 194 in France, but somehow found it's biggest success in South Korea, where it hit 18. Give it another listen; you’ll be greedy too.

#3: “Desperado” (2016)
Since her days of singing about her umbrella, RiRi has grown up right before our eyes. And this song is absolutely proof of that growth. With its cold and mysterious beat, “Desperado” has an air that both creeps us out and draws us in. With most of Rihanna’s hits being a bit more upbeat, this shows off a great amount of range in the songstress. And she carries it well too, channeling - as one critic described it - “her inner sinister Western anti-hero.” We definitely agree.

#2: “Speechless” (2009)
Lady Gaga
When this song first came out in 2009, it was one of the first ballads of Gaga’s to hit the public’s ears. And people were thrown by it. Here was this zany pop singer, suddenly revealing true and very real life emotions. Many critics didn’t like the song, calling the song her “weak point” or “a fraud.” Since then, Gaga has shown the public that she - like all of us - is a multi-faceted human being. And we can’t help but wonder what the response would be if this song came out today. Because in hindsight, “Speechless” is quite the beautiful and vulnerable tune.

Before we sing along with our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions

“Animal” (2010)

“Walking on Air” (2013)
Katy Perry

“Loverboy (Remix)” (2001)
Mariah Carey

#1: “All Too Well” (2012)
Taylor Swift
From sweet and innocent to raw and emotional. This could describe both this beautiful song and its singer’s career. And while this song leans on Taylor’s country roots, it was perhaps lost in the shuffle of her transition towards pop. It's parent album, “Red”, was the first to make a new statement about the singer, and did so many stupendous singles. The understated “All Too Well” showed growth in the young songstress, with a sung story of a relationship and every joyful and painful emotion that can happen. Much like its singer, it’s both beautiful and heartbreaking.