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Top 10 Weirdest First Person Shooters!

VO: Dan Paradis
Man, I just wanted to shoot some stuff...Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Weirdest First Person Shooter!

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Top 10 Strangest First Person Shooters

Well this is odd. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top ten strangest first-person shooters. For this list, we’ll be looking at the wackiest and weirdest first-person shooters to ever hit the market. We’ll be ranking our picks based on the originality and the ludicrousness of the game’s concept. These don’t necessarily have to be BAD ideas – just…strange and unconventional ones.

#10: “South Park” (1998)

“South Park” has been made into a variety of video games over the years. There was that terrible racing game for instance, and both “The Stick of Truth” and “The Fractured but Whole” were surprisingly great RPGs. And, yes, they also made a first-person shooter, because nothing screams “South Park” like an FPS. The game was pretty simple – you control one of the four main characters, and you attack unusual enemies using goofy and unconventional weapons. Yep, that’s really all there was to it. While the PC and PlayStation releases were dreadful, the N64 version was surprisingly decent, provided you were a fan of “South Park” and its off-kilter sense of fun.

#9: “PO’ed” (1995)

Well, at least it was original. “PO’ed” is probably a game you’ve never heard of and was originally released for the failed 3DO console and later the much more successful PS1. In the game, you play as a chef who must battle various alien creatures after crash landing on a foreign planet. The plot sounds cliché (minus the chef part), but the game takes a unique turn through its use of wacky humor (which admittedly gets pretty tiring). There’s nothing like beating a walking butt to death with a frying pan... And to think, that’s just the beginning of the game.

#8: “Forbes Corporate Warrior” (1997)

Yes, believe it or not, there was a game released in 1997 which was called “Forbes Corporate Warrior.” And hey, it was even described as “Doom meets the Wharton School of Business!” That sounds like a blast, doesn’t it? There’s nothing like spending your valuable free leisure time in the Wharton School of Business. In this game you play as the head of a start-up, who needs to make their way up the corporate ladder of the future by using various “weapons of business,” including the Ad Blaster and Marketing Missile. We’d continue, but we fear we may go insane if we talk about this game any longer.

#7: “Chex Quest” (1996)

If there’s one thing “Chex Quest” is good for, it’s for starting that whole fad of companies putting video games in cereal boxes… Can you imagine if they still did that today? Cereal stock would go through the roof. Created as a promotional campaign for the cereal, “Chex Quest” won a Golden EFFIE Award in 1996, a prestigious award in the field of marketing. The game was unfavourably compared to “Doom,” but then again, it was a children’s game meant to boost cereal sales, so we don’t think comparing it to “Doom” is appropriate.

#6: “Super 3D Noah’s Ark” (1994)

Right off the bat, may we just say that this is one horrible title. Why wouldn’t it be called “Super Noah’s Ark 3D?” Why put 3D in the middle of the title? It’s a mess, and the game itself is no better. As we all know, the release of “Wolfenstein” really started a fire within the gaming industry. Suddenly, everyone from cereal companies to Christian game developers were getting in on the craze. This game sees you playing as the biblical Noah, and your objective is to shoot food at the five billion goats who are wandering the Ark. “Wolfenstein” and “Doom?” Never heard of ‘em. “Super 3D Noah’s Ark” is where it’s at.

#5: “Zeno Clash” (2009)

“Zeno Clash” sounds like a complete stereotype of a science fiction story. The game follows characters Ghat and Deadra as they travel the exotic world Zenozoik after Ghat seemingly kills his parent “Father-Mother”. You then learn that your character lived with forest folk called the Corwid, and your journey ends when you find an ancient creature named Golem at the end of the world. The unusual story and eccentric visual design combine to make playing this game feel like a really spectacular acid trip or something. It is…unique, to say the least.

#4: “Redneck Rampage” (1997)

Yee-haw! “Redneck Rampage!” This game’s story follows redneck brothers Leonard and Bubba (could the name be any more stereotypical?) as they attempt to find their valued pig Bessie, all while fighting off an alien invasion for some reason. The gameplay is even more ludicrous than the plot, as you eat various items like pork rinds to replenish your health… but eat too much and you start farting like crazy. Odd though it may be, it didn’t take itself seriously and could be decently funny at times, so we can’t be too harsh on it.

#3: “Superhot” (2016)

“Superhot” is your typical first-person shooter, as the entire objective of the game is to reach the end of the level while killing everyone in your way. However, it takes a very original approach to the concept, as time only progresses when you physically move. This gives you plenty of time to plan and strategize, unlike most FPSs which simply drop you into the relentless action. The game is also set in a minimalistic environment, and features polygonal graphics which only appear in white, red, and black. In an oversaturated market, “Superhot” is a beacon of hope and originality, however strange it may be.

#2: “Screencheat” (2014)

Do you remember the good old days of sitting on the couch with your friends and playing splitscreen multiplayer? Remember how many times you or a friend were accused of screen peaking? It seemed like a cheap tactic, but that is the basic concept of this unique title. “Screencheat” is a multiplayer game wherein every player is invisible. To deduce where the other players are, you must glance at their point of view and figure out where on the map they are located. It’s certainly a fun and novel idea, and it perfectly plays on the nostalgia of older gamers.

#1: “Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath” (2005)

Coming from such a mainstream company, “Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath” was certainly not a safe bet. In fact, it was pretty darn weird and unconventional, so props to EA for that. The game sounds simple enough: you play as a bounty hunter who travels the landscape and collects on bounties. However, the game features completely ridiculous concepts like using live creatures such as Thudslugs and Boombats as ammunition for your crossbow. It’s an enormously original title in the over saturated FPS market, and it’s a hell of a lot of fun.

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