Top 10 Greatest Grease Songs

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These are the Top 10 Grease Songs! For this list, we’re taking a look at the most memorable songs from the musical phenomenon that is “Grease.” We’re including songs that weren’t featured in the beloved film, but still made it into other incarnations, such as “Grease: Live.” We’ve included songs like “Summer Nights”, “Hopelessly Devoted To You”, “We Go Together”, “Look at Me, I’m Sandra Dee, “There are Worse Things I Could Do”, “Beauty School Dropout”, “Grease”.

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Top 10 Grease Songs

It’s the original high school musical. Welcome to MsMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Grease Songs.

For this list, we’re taking a look at the most memorable songs from the musical phenomenon that is “Grease.” We’re including songs that weren’t featured in the beloved film, but still made it into other incarnations, such as “Grease: Live.”

#10: “Born to Hand Jive”

“Grease” has no shortage of energetic songs, but “Born to Hand Jive” makes us want to jump out of our seats and boogie the most. Performed by Johnny Casino and the Gamblers at Rydell High, this catchy tune gets every student excited. Not only incredibly popular with the students of Rydell, this song and dance number has worked its way into real-world high school dances. The song wonderfully sets the mood for an infectious dance competition that nearly leads Danny and Sandy to victory. Unfortunately, the feisty Cha-Cha steals Sandy’s spotlight and her man. Sandy’s night may get rained upon, but nothing can put a damper on this insanely fun number.

#9: “Grease”

Written for the 1978 film adaption, this Barry Gibb song wasn’t featured in the original stage production of “Grease, but has still become synonymous with the musical. Played over the opening credits, Frankie Valli’s soulful vocals elevate this groovy tune, which encourages people to shun the conventions of yesterday and create a more unified tomorrow. Although the story takes place in the 1950s, the film’s title song is ironically full of Disco vibes, showcasing a music genre that wouldn’t exist for another decade. Despite being ahead of its time, the song ultimately sums up why Grease is – and always will be – the word.

#8: “Beauty School Dropout”

Just when you thought “Grease” couldn’t get any more romanticized, this daydream sequence takes the fantasy element to another level. Harkening back to Debbie Reynolds flicks, “Beauty School Dropout” finds Frenchy at a crossroads, and contemplating what to do with her life. Luckily, her hunky guardian angel emerges to set her on the right track. Much like the Teen Angel himself, this is a very smooth and mellow number, sending the audience into a relaxed state. As chill as the Teen Angel comes off, he’s not afraid to lay down some harsh truth, instructing Frenchy to get her diploma. Frenchy takes his song to heart, realizing it’s cool to stay in high school.

#7: “There Are Worse Things I Could Do”

Rizzo has a habit of talking behind other people’s backs. The tables are turned, however, when word gets out that she might be pregnant. In spite of her mean girl tendencies, the audience truly comes to sympathize with Rizzo during her heartbreaking solo, “There Are Worse Things I Could Do.” Shedding her tough, confident image for a moment, Rizzo offers a glimpse of her vulnerable side. This touching number will likely resonate with anybody that’s experienced slut shaming, which is just as relevant today as it was back then. Holding back her tears, Rizzo reveals just how damaging high school gossip can be, motivating us all to treat each other with respect and kindness.

#6: “Look at Me, I’m Sandra Dee”

As mentioned before, Rizzo isn’t above making fun of others. In this humorous number, she takes a shot at Sandy’s squeaky-clean persona, comparing her to good girls like Doris Day and of course Sandra Dee. Rizzo holds nothing back, joking about the fact that Sandy is still a virgin and can’t even smoke a cigarette. As you can imagine, it’s pretty awkward when the subject of the song stumbles upon the scene. While initially insulted, Sandy eventually decides that maybe it wouldn’t hurt to cut a little loose. Reprising Rizzo’s song, she’s inspired to unleash her wild side. More on that later, stud.

#5: “We Go Together”

While undeniably over-the-top, “Grease” does ask some poignant questions regarding the high school experience. For example, what happens after those four years fly by? As their time at Rydell wraps up, the gang wonders whether or not they’ll ever see each other again. As far as Danny is concerned, though, they’ll always be together. Thus ensues a grand finale that’s as much fun as a carnival ride. Although the lyrics are mostly comprised of gibberish, this lively song will remain stuck in your head long after the credits roll. Just one question remains: How did Danny and Sandy get their car to fly?

#4: “Hopelessly Devoted To You”

Another song that was specifically written for the iconic film, “Hopelessly Devoted To You” earned “Grease” an Academy Award nomination. This sweet love ballad adds something that was missing from the stage show, exploring why Sandy is drawn to Danny. Deep down, Sandy knows that he’s a heartbreaker. Nevertheless, you can’t control who you’re attracted to. In Sandy’s case, she’s hopelessly devoted to Danny and isn’t ready to let go of their relationship. Believe it or not, this song was actually a last-minute addition, as star Olivia Newton-John was contractually entitled to a solo. The filmmakers were apprehensive to include the tune at first, but now it’s impossible to imagine the movie without it.

#3: “Greased Lightnin’”

Kenickie has worked his butt off to acquire a car that’ll score big with the ladies. There’s just one problem: it’s a hunk of junk. Nevertheless, Danny sees potential in the automobile. Channeling Elvis, he gives his fellow T-Birds the drive to turn this clunker into the ultimate shaggin’ wagon, aka Greased Lightnin’. What follows is a rambunctious rock and roll number that’s sure to get anyone pumped. As fun as it is, this is arguably the most risqué song in the musical, featuring several naughty lyrics that usually get altered whenever “Grease” is performed in high schools. That being said, “Greased Lightnin’” still does a pretty accurate job at tapping into the mindset of teenage boys.

#2: “You’re the One That I Want”

Despite seeming like polar opposites, Danny and Sandy are determined to make their relationship work. Both go through an evolution, as Danny becomes a jock and Sandy, even more jarringly, embraces the greaser look. This leads to an electrifying duet in which the two declare their love for each other. Of course, Sandy makes it clear that if they’re going to be a couple, Danny will have to shape up. When “Grease” first hit Broadway, Danny and Sandy came together through a song entitled, “All Choked Up.” When “You’re the One That I Want” debuted in the 1978 film, however, it effectively erased the original song from our memories.

Before we get to our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:


“Those Magic Changes”

“Freddy My Love”

#1: “Summer Nights”

After spending a magical summer at the beach, Danny and Sandy are forced to go their separate ways … or so they think. Both wind up going to the same high school, although neither realizes this at first. Reminiscing about their time together, both tell their friends about their special summer nights. Where Sandy’s recollections are all about the romance, Danny emphasizes on the horny details. In addition to being joyous, “Summer Nights” epitomizes Danny and Sandy’s relationship. Both are incredibly different, but their feelings for one another couldn’t be more in sync. The two come together harmoniously as the song reaches its climax, leaving us on a final note full of nostalgia, longing, and love.

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