Top 10 Things Superhero Movies Got Wrong!
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Top 10 Things Superhero Movies Got Wrong!

Written by Clayton Martino

Elements from superhero movies that were not true to their comic book origins. WatchMojo presents the top 10 things from superhero movies that were done incorrectly, at least in the eyes of comic book fans! but what will take the top spot on our list? Lex Luthor's appearance in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Wolverin's Origins in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, or the first appearance of Deadpool in Wolverine's solo outting!

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Not all superhero movies are created equal! Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Things Superhero Movies Got Wrong.

For this list, we’re looking at specific aspects of certain superhero films that just didn’t work for a variety of reasons.

#10: Tony Stark’s PTSD
“Iron Man 3” (2013)

There’s no doubt Marvel made a fantastic choice when they pegged Robert Downey Jr. for the role of Tony Stark. RDJ has proved to be a pillar in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Not everything has been perfect, however. Director Shane Black reportedly wanted to work the famous “Demon in a Bottle” storyline into “Iron Man 3,” but the film ultimately took a more light-hearted route. Instead, Tony Stark suffers from posttraumatic stress following the events of “The Avengers.” While this was an interesting take on the character, many thought it didn’t measure up to the powerful plotline from the comics.

#9: Making Catwoman Not Selina Kyle
“Catwoman” (2004)

It can be a good idea for film studios and directors to create their own versions of famous comic book characters. However, you also don’t wanna stray too far from the source material, which is exactly what this movie did. Instead of Selina Kyle, Halle Berry plays someone named Patience Phillips. In the comics, Catwoman’s origins are fairly simple – she’s a jewel thief with a sexy persona who evolves into an unlikely hero. Here, she’s murdered, but an Egyptian Mau brings her back to life. Now possessing cat-like abilities, she dresses up in leather and fights evil cosmetic executives. No wonder this movie won several Razzies.

#8: No Latveria
“Fantastic Four” (2005) & “FANT4STIC” (2015)

Victor Von Doom is one of the greatest villains in the Marvel universe, but for some reason they can’t get him right on the big screen. In the comics, Doom is the ruler of Latveria, a fictional European country, and his disfiguration and subsequent rise to villainy are a result of his own misguided actions. The films seem to dislike this origin, however, making him more involved with the Fantastic Four, and essentially eliminating his home country altogether. This only serves to confuse the story and make the overall world smaller, severely weakening a character that should be one of the greatest comic book villains ever.

#7: The Phoenix
“X-Men: The Last Stand” (2006)

Expectations were high for the third “X-Men” film, since it was going to include one of the most famous plotlines in all of Marvel Comics: the “Dark Phoenix” storyline. In the comics, when Jean Grey turns into the Dark Phoenix, she essentially wields limitless power and is nearly unstoppable. In the film, however, she becomes a pawn of Magneto. Even Pyro is given more to do than her, which is saying something. Her death is also glossed over and done rather quickly, as opposed to the noble sacrifice she makes in the comics to save her friends and the universe.

#6: Green Lantern’s Costume
“Green Lantern” (2011)

As annoying and frustrating as it may be for actors and actresses to wear superhero costumes for hours at a time, it’s far better using a real costume than one generated through a computer. That’s the route this film took in 2011, however; and it did not turn out well at all. Critics commented on how the CGI costume did not mesh well with Ryan Reynolds’ live action head. While the film did things this way because his Green Lantern ring generates the costume, it’s still supposed to look like a real costume, which it does not. Even Deadpool agrees.

#5: The Mandarin
“Iron Man 3” (2013)
Marvel has done many things right with its cinematic universe, but one area that remains a struggle is the lack of quality villains. Initially, it seemed like they had a great one here. In the comics, the Mandarin is Iron Man’s greatest foe, and it appeared that they’d created a modern version of the character that was as compelling as he was terrifying. Instead, it’s revealed that Ben Kingsley’s portrayal is exactly that – a performance; the real Mandarin is Guy Pearce’s Aldrich Killian, who has a personal vendetta against Tony Stark, in a twist that’s frustratingly similar to the first two films.

#4: The Joker
“Suicide Squad” (2016)

When the initial “Suicide Squad” trailers came out, one of the most intriguing aspects was Jared Leto’s Joker. Could his stand out from other great portrayals of the character we’ve seen? That question is still up for debate. After the film’s release, some people called him merely a gangster in makeup while others praised his original take on the supervillain. One thing is certain, however: he’s completely unnecessary to the movie’s plot. With several scenes involving his character left on the cutting room floor, the Joker is nothing more than an extended cameo, and ultimately had no real reason to be included in “Suicide Squad.”

#3: Wolverine’s Origins
“X-Men Origins: Wolverine” (2009)

While Wolverine’s origin story has gotten increasingly complicated in the comics, the basics remain the same: he’s imprisoned as part of the Weapon X program, has adamantium fused onto his bones, and spends the majority of his life fighting to be more than the weapon he was created to be. While the film includes these aspects, there’s also a plot involving the pretend murder of Logan’s girlfriend, Silverfox, by his half-brother, Victor Creed – all of which was orchestrated by William Stryker to make Logan want to have the procedure. None of it makes much sense. But what’s worse is that it detracts from Wolverine’s character, reducing him to a pawn that can be easily controlled.

#2: Lex Luthor
“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” (2016)

When it was announced that Jesse Eisenberg would play Lex Luthor, many people had concerns that he wouldn’t be able to capture the supervillain’s intensity. While Eisenberg certainly put it all on the line, his portrayal of the character was far more neurotic than intense, and his over-the-top acting quickly became a distraction. While the script did the character no favors, with its convoluted storylines and questionable character motivations, it can’t be denied that Eisenberg’s performance left a lot to be desired as he turned one of the greatest villains in the DC Universe into what many consider a stuttering mess.

Before we unveil our number one pick, here are a few honorable, or in this case dishonorable, mentions:
- Bat Nipples
“Batman & Robin” (1997)

- Casting Nicolas Cage
“Ghost Rider” (2007)

- The Rhino
“The Amazing Spider-Man 2” (2014)

#1: Deadpool
“X-Men Origins: Wolverine” (2009)

This is easily one of the most baffling portrayals of a great character in cinematic history. Where do we even start? The costume was completely abandoned; they ignored his iconic physical traits and gave him a number of powers, including Cyclops’ optic blast, for some reason. They removed his dynamic personality, instead making him a puppet of Stryker. But worst of all, they sewed his mouth up, leaving him unable to talk. Deadpool. Unable to talk. That’s like removing Spider-Man’s webs or Wolverine’s claws. Luckily, comic book fans everywhere can pretend this version of the character never existed thanks to Ryan Reynolds.