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Top 10 Cutest Disney Baby Animals

VO: Emily Brayton
No one can deny that Disney has a knack for creating the cutest characters ever. The people at Disney sure know how to make our hearts explode. In this countdown we take a look at the Top 10 cutest Disney baby animals. We’ve included Judy Hopps from Zootopia, Bambi, Lady from Lady and the Tramp, Patch, 101 Dalmatians, Bolt, Marie, Toulouse and Berlioz from The Aristocats, Simba from the Lion King and Dory from Finding Dory.

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Top 10 Cutest Disney Baby Animals

We’d love any of these animals as pals. Welcome to MsMojo and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 cutest Disney baby animals.

For this video, we’re looking at those little Disney animals that scream cuteness on the screen – but sorry, little Mike, monsters may be cute but they’re not quite animals! And we’re using “baby” loosely to mean pre-adolescent. For lovable and human Disney kids, be sure to check out our Top 10 Cutest Disney Kids list!

#10: Judy Hopps
“Zootopia” (2016)

Never has a dramatic play been so adorable! Has there ever been a more optimistic character than Judy Hopps, the cheery bunny police officer? Her determination to make the police force dates back to her childhood, and that’s part of why little Judy is such an incredibly adorable little rabbit. Of course, those floppy ears and wiggly nose help with the cuteness factor. And oh, those eyes! And she may just be a kid, but she has a fierce understanding of justice – and knows how to bring it about on her own terms. Who wouldn’t love her? Other than Gideon, that is.

#9: Bambi
“Bambi” (1942)

“Bambi” is far and away an animated masterpiece, and its title character is one of the reasons why. The little deer prince is endearing from the moment we meet him. Sure, his speckled coat and those long eyelashes are a big part of the reason he grabs us. But there’s so much more to love about this cutie – such as his stumbling attempts at walking and his faltering first stab at navigating the ice. Whether discovering a butterfly or being introduced to his newfound buddies, Bambi just gladdens the heart with his natural charm.

#8: Lady
“Lady and the Tramp” (1955)

We can’t resist a puppy! Lady spends most of the movie as a grown-up dog, but she’s just a little squiggly ball of fur wrapped in a bow at first – an irresistible Christmas present if ever there was one. Her new owners are immediately smitten with the American Cocker Spaniel; of course, who wouldn’t be? And she bonds with her owners right away – so why in the world would they ever think she should sleep away from them? Those sad little whimpers broke our hearts, but soon enough not even Jim Dear and Darling can say no to her. Lucky for us, her pups with Tramp are just as lovable!

#7: Patch, Rolly & the Other 97 Dalmatians
“One Hundred and One Dalmatians” (1961) & “101 Dalmatians II: Patch’s London Adventure” (2003)

Dog lovers tend to be beside themselves when watching the “One Hundred and One Dalmatians” movies – there’s just so many of them! And they’re all so squeeze-able! Patch and Rolly tend to stand out a little more than the others. After all, Rolly’s constant hunger is something most of us can identify with, and Patch’s desire to be a heroic dog like his television idol is endearing. And Patch does get the chance to strut his stuff more than the rest of the gang. But all 99 of these spotted little balls of barking fur, from Lucky to Freckles, make up one big mess of cuteness that only a Disney villainess could ever want to hurt.

#6: Bolt
“Bolt” (2008)

As shown on his TV show, Bolt is just the kind of dog that Patch would want to be – brave, daring and committed. Plus he has super powers. Of course, in real life he’s just a cute dog – and was possibly even more endearing when he was a puppy. Anyone who has ever watched a puppy with a chew toy will feel a little pang of joy watching Bolt attack his stuffed carrot. And the licking he gives Penny when he meets her is equally realistic. Penny’s just lucky no one snatched this sweetie up before she got to him.

#5: Marie, Toulouse & Berlioz
“The Aristocats” (1970)

It’s about time there was some feline representation on this list. And you couldn’t ask for more darling kittens than this trio. Marie is a proper young lady – or tries to be, at least – and is clearly going to grow up to be just like her mother. Toulouse is a somewhat messy budding young artist. And Berlioz is a master pianist who has just a bit of the mischief-maker inside him. They’re true siblings, getting on each other’s nerves occasionally or telling on each other. But there’s also clearly a lot of love and strong family ties. Together, these three pretty much run the gamut of cuteness.

#4: Nemo
“Finding Nemo” (2003) & “Finding Dory” (2016)

Nemo is in the long tradition of young Disney heroes who are thrust into a difficult situation, but still show spunk and resourcefulness despite being scared. Adult audiences automatically worry for Nemo and his damaged right fin – but that only adds to the little fella’s appeal, and teaches audiences young and old that we should embrace what makes us different. Nemo bubbles with life, and his joy is contagious. We also love to see him struggling to both be himself and obey his overprotective father – and can relate to his quandary. Even with a lot of other cute sea animals around him, like the effervescent turtle Squirt, Nemo stands out.

#3: Tod & Copper
“The Fox and the Hound” (1981)

“The Fox and the Hound” really explores the bonds of friendship, and it sets those bonds up early in the film. Since Tod is a fox and Copper is a hunting hound dog, there’s bound to be some strain. But early on, the two are the best of friends – and each is endearing as can be. Their introduction to each other gives new meaning to the phrase “meet-cute.” Copper’s puppy clumsiness and Tod’s joyousness make their escapades heart warming and delightful. And though they may be loath to admit it, men especially find these two little ones hard to resist.

#2: Dory
“Finding Dory” (2016)

OMG, we thought Dory was wonderful as an adult – she’s even more captivating as a child! The little fish with the “short-term remembery loss” problems causes considerable anxiety for her parents, but they also have so much love and pride for her. And how could they not? She’s as sweet and lovable as it’s possible to be, with a giggle that cuts right through you. Little Dory has all of adult Dory’s friendliness and joie de vivre – just in a smaller package! With a love of squishy sand, we could watch a whole movie just of baby Dory. Parents with challenging children can especially identify with her situation, but all of us simply love her.

Before we reveal our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

“Brother Bear” (2003)

“Hercules” (1997)

#1: Simba
“The Lion King” (1994)

Lions may be ferocious hunters, but they’re darn cute when they’re all big paws and eyes. Just look at the way baby Simba reacts to his birth ceremony – playful, cuddly and just a little mystified. And as a child, he’s equally as endearing. Sure, he gets competition from his best little friend, Nala, who is as mischievous and eager for adventure as the furry prince. But this tale’s about Simba, and establishing his innate appeal heightens the impact of the tragedy that he later endures. But before that, Simba is the definition of cuteness – and all we want to do is cuddle with him.

Do you agree with our list? What other furry or fishy Disney little ones should we have included? For more darling top 10s published daily, be sure to subscribe to MsMojo.


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