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Top 10 Musical Artists With the Weirdest Music Videos

VO: Matt Campbell

Script written by George Pacheco

Visual productions that make you go...."huh?' Welcome to, and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Musical Artists with the Weirdest Music Videos. For this list, we'll be ranking bands and artists who are known for pushing the envelope with weird and creative music videos

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Script written by George Pacheco

Top 10 Musical Artists With the Weirdest Music Videos

Visual productions that make you go...."huh?' Welcome to, and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Musical Artists with the Weirdest Music Videos.

For this list, we'll be ranking bands and artists who are known for pushing the envelope with weird and creative musicvideos. For the record, we're not using the word "weird" in a specifically positive or negative fashion, but more commenting upon the public consensus of an artist's musical medium. For better or worse, the videos from these artists have often been considered "weird" by their fanbase.

#10: Major Lazer

This inventive electronic collective are a relatively new presence on the EDM scene, but that hasn't stopped Major Lazer from making a major impact over the course of three full length albums. Much of this critical and commercial attention has been due to the group's visually striking music videos, which have made the most of the medium withtheir strong attention to detail and general weirdness. Colors pop and tightly edited images flash across the screen witha rave-like personality all their own. Major Lazer aren't your average electronic act, but their fans wouldn't want it any other way, and their music videos represent this originality in spades.

#9: Radiohead

Radiohead have always walked their own creative path since “Creep” hit the charts, but it was the band's breakout period in the mid-nineties which cemented their reputation as one of the most forward thinking rock bands in the world.The band's 1997 album OK Computer was proof positive of this fact, with the album's six-and-a-a-half minute, animated video clip for the song "Paranoid Android" receiving massive airplay on MTV. It was a success story for a video full of anti-social behavior and bizarre, otherworldly imagery, and Radiohead would continue this streak of uniquemusic videos throughout their influential career.

#8: Grimes

Are you looking for evocative costumes, marvelous makeup and crazy visual effects? Well, then we have an artist for you! Grimes had already earned plenty of critical acclaim when she signed to indie label 4AD in January of 2012, withcommercial success following suit after the release of her fourth album, Art Angels. Grimes' music videos shot for thealbum exemplify the artist's uncompromising and varied visual style, encompassing everything from stark, beautiful images to extreme, bloody set pieces, all accompanying Grimes’ progressive and textured take on electronic popmusic.

#7: Tool

Dark, bleak and mysterious...these were all terms used to describe the alt-metal act known as Tool. These words could also be used to describe the band's track record of music videos, only the first two of which featured members of theband making personal appearances. Much of Tool's music videography was marked for its groundbreaking usage of stop motion and computer generated animation, many of which are directed by the band’s guitarist Adam Jones. Thesevideos quickly gained appreciation within Tool's rabid fan base, proving that their visual image was as forceful andprogressive as the band itself.

#6: Busta Rhymes

The music videos of Busta Rhymes have earned acclaim from both from fans and critics for their outside-the-box attention to visual style and detail. The MC born Trevor George Smith, Jr. had no fear of eschewing the glitter and bling which consumed so many hip hop videos during the nineties in favor of his own, uniquely personal style. Day-glo headhunters bathed in blacklight? Check. Absurdly exaggerated camera angles and costumes? Double check. Heck, Busta even got down with a leather straitjacket  and a Bootsy Collins costume in his video for "Dangerous." It's all gloriously weird, and Busta's fans wouldn't want it any other way.

#5: Primus

Fans of the jazzy, funk-based rock group known as Primus have grown to expect oddity when it comes to the band's … well, anything really. Les Claypool knows this, and Primus have never failed to deliver on that expectation, with many of their music videos reveling in imagery which ranges from bright and colorful to dark, unsettling and downright creepy...and sometimes a little of both. Whether it's giant pig's heads, crazy cowboy costumes or the old school animation style used on the band's cover of "The Devil Went Down to Georgia," Primus have consistently pushed the envelope in terms of how a rock band's music video is "supposed" to look.

#4: Aphex Twin

The next artist on our list has earned a reputation for creating what are arguably some of the most frightening musicvideos in the history of the medium. Although Richard James has released numerous memorable videos over thecourse of career under his Aphex Twin alter ego it's the Chris Cunningham directed clip for "Come to Daddy" that has gone on to be the one of his most recognized. It features nightmarish imagery from first note to last, including a screaming, thin demon and a gaggle of troublesome children, all bearing James' face. Add the videos for “Windowlicker” and “Rubber Johnny” on top of this, and you have nightmare fuel for the rest of your life.

#3: Die Antwoord

Die Antwoord music videos are the sort of mini-movie epics which have earned some serious attention, thanks to their "can't look away" level of intensity. Die Antwoord manage to capture a wide array of moods and themes within theirvideos, from the antagonistic and angry, to sexy, beautiful and downright frightening. Videos for "I Fink U Freeky," "Ugly Boy" and "Fatty Boom Boom" have all gone on to capture the imaginations of Die Antwoord's increasingly diehard legions of fans, and with good reason: there's simply nothing quite like them.

#2: Marilyn Manson

Concerned parents everywhere had a field day in the mid nineties when Marilyn Manson first hit MTV with their brash, take-no-prisoners music videos. Manson never shied away from using bizarre, psychedelic imagery to further his band's musical mission, while at the same time earning plenty of positive fan response along the way. The band's video for "Dope Hat" was a take on the classic boat ride scene from "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory," while the later clip for "Coma White" showcased Manson and then-fiancée Rose McGowan as John and Jacqueline Kennedy, further cementing Marilyn Manson as the new kings of shock rock.
Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions!
Mac DeMarco
Nine Inch Nails
Miley Cyrus
The Knife

#1:  Bjork

Iceland's reigning progressive pop princess Björk has made a career out of creating visually stunning, conceptually bold music videos, encompassing a diverse range of emotions and themes. Many of Bjork's successful music videoswere shot by noted French film director Michel Gondry, including fan favorites "Human Behavior," and "Army of Me," although the singer would see her most commercially successful video collaboration alongside Spike Jonze for her cover of Betty Hutton's "It's Oh So Quiet”. Beautiful, bizarre and utterly Bjork, these videos have not only earned a place amongst the best of their respective genres, but also within the medium's history as a viable and important form of art.
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