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Top 10 Sylvester Stallone Moments

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This Hollywood action star from the 80s is back in a big way, so we thought we'd take a moment to appreciate his magical movie moments that we just can't get out of our heads! These include winning an arm wrestling match, to dispatching an entire army, to climbing mountains and even country singing! Join as we count down our Top 10 favorite Sylvester Stallone Moments. Please be advised, the following clip contains mature content, and scenes of Stallone laying down the law!

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Top 10 Sylvester Stallone Moments

Did you get any of that? Neither did we! Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our Top 10 favorite Sylvester Stallone Moments.

Please be advised, the following clip contains mature content, and scenes of Stallone laying down the law!

#10- Arm Wrestling Championships Final “Over The Top” (1987)

Kicking off our list is the moment that showed us that there was more to Stallone than the other actions stars from his era. Honestly, who else could make a flick about competitive arm wrestling so intense? Just watch as he unleashes slow motion and sweat soaked fury on another mean mother trucker, all for the love of his son. How come this never got a sequel?

#9- Rapists Get What They Deserve “Rambo” (2008)

Does a throat rip seem a tad too brutal? Well, you have to keep in mind that Stallone is confronting a rapist about to manhandle a humanitarian, whom he has developed a King Kong-type relationship with. Come to think of it, the entire Burmese army are depicted as rapists, so I guess that’s why Stallone spent the entire finale mulching them with a machine gun.

#8- Electrifying Confession “Lock Up” (1989)

Playing a model prisoner that is set up and sent to maximum security by the warden, Stallone showcases cinema’s ultimate method of forcing a confession! Namely, he straps the corrupt warden to the electric chair and ties himself to the lever! After getting what he needs, he takes the liberty of scaring the crap out of the man, before showing us that he never intended to mess with his hairdo!

#7- Failed Rescue “Cliffhanger” (1993)

From prisoner to rescue climber, Stallone does a lot of impressive and memorable things in this movie. However, the moment that resonates the most is the iconic, yet harrowing opening scene in which tragedy transforms him from happy and confident hero to horrified and downtrodden wreck. This is easily the lowest any of his heroic personas have ever fallen.

#6- Country Singing “Rhinestone” (1984)

If that moment was a bit too serious, this should lighten the mood somewhat. Here, Stallone plays an obnoxious New York Cabbie that becomes the focus of a bet about turning a tone-deaf country music hater into a star. Few things are as fun as watching Stallone murder country music, while wearing outfits that only Elvis could love.

#5- Undercover Blonde “Nighthawkes” (1981)

After putting on his best Al Pacino from “Serpico” impersonation, Stallone decides to one up his source material! Namely, this bearded detective outsmarts and surprises a killer by wearing a wig and nightgown! We know Sly isn’t the tallest guy around, but how did he hide his bulk under that nightie, and couldn’t he have shaved a bit before taking out the trash?

#4- Problem with The Fans “Death Race 2000” (1975)

Stallone has had many heroic moments, and this isn’t one of them! In this brutal reality show flick riffing society’s addiction to violence, he plays Machine Gun Joe, an unhinged egomaniacal racing contestant that scores by brutally killing spectators and pedestrians. This is the only film where you will see the actor play a homicidal maniac, before getting into a bizarrely festive sounding fistfight with David Carradine…

#3- Say what? “Rambo: First Blood” (1982)

Playing a troubled Vietnam war veteran that has a run in with the jerkoff sheriff of a small town, things kind of get out of control… Leaving it to his former mentor and father figure to talk him down. The result is a moving, yet incomprehensible scene that shows us how emotionally devastating the war was on veterans. Let it out big guy…

#2- Three Seashells “Demolition Man” (1993)

In the future people mysteriously tidy up in the bathroom with three seashells. Since swearing is a ticketable offense, Stallone decides to work up the fines in order to gather some much-needed toilette paper. While it may seem vulgar, he’s probably just venting his frustration from having to work with Rob Schneider twice in two years…

#1- Eye of the Tiger “Rocky” (1976)

We just couldn’t leave you without two of Stallone’s most iconic scenes ever! That’s right, we’re talking about his classic training montage packed with meat slamming, one-handed push-ups and his tracksuit wearing jog up the steps. Topping the it all off is his iconic cry at the end of the film, cementing Sly into the halls of popular culture forever.

Agree with list, or think we’re dead wrong? What’s your favorite Sylvester Stallone Moment? For more entertaining Top 10s, be sure to subscribe to

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