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Top 10 Transformers Movie Characters Excluding Optimus Prime and Megatron

Optimus and Megatron maybe the faces of the Transformers film franchise but there are other fan-favorite Autobots and Decepticons in the Michael Bay films
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    The only member of the main cast besides Optimus and Bumblebee to have a lot of character development and a great personality. He interacted with his allies and enemies perfectly, had an amazing voice and his death shocked and angered every Transformers fan
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  • 2Sideswipe
    A fan favorite Autobot who appeared in two sequels and played a large role but didn't have enough character development
  • 3Barricade
    Another Decepticon who played a huge role in the first film, he is shown as a Decepticon that interrogates others, he disappears only to resurface as a background character and die.
  • 4Bumblebee
    The poster boy, he has a huge fan base, responsible for a huge of amount deaths in the series and hasn't died in a single movie though his death could eventually happen
  • 5Ratchet
    Part of the main cast, he had personality but later became sort of a background character in the sequels only to later be killed off
  • 6Crosshairs
    Has a great personality and a huge amount of character development
  • 7Soundwave
    A Decepticon from the second movie with a lot of character development playing a huge role in resurrecting Megatron and was later a background character only to later be killed off
  • 8Blackout
    Was the first Transformer seen on the big screen and played a huge role but had no voice actor and got killed off
  • 9Drift
    Though a Japanese stereotype, he has a character development and interacts with Hound, Optimus, Bumblebee and Crosshairs perfectly
  • 10Leadfoot
    A unique character but not enough character development or screen time and he appeared in only two movies where he eventually died
  • 11Dino/Mirage
    Has a cool design but just a glorified version of Sideswipe
  • 12Ravage
    Had an awesome design but didn't live long enough to become a really interesting character
  • 13Roadbuster
    All he had was a cool design no personality or character development
  • 14Topspin
    Had no character development.
  • 15Brawl/Devastator
    Had an awesome design but was a background character
  • 16Bonecrusher
    Appeared in the first film just to die
  • 17Dinobots
    Appeared for only five minutes of the fourth movie and we're just background characters
  • 18Jazz
    Was meant to be part of the main Transformers cast but was killed off

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