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Top 10 Things That Actually Don't Make Sense About Avengers Infinity War And Endgame

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    1So How Does Someone Return The Soul Stone
  • 2So How Did Everybody Get Earpieces After Coming Back From The Snap
    These people had earpieces prior to the snap so when they were brought back they still had them in possession.
    Simple explanation for that, when they faded away as a result of the snap, the things they were wearing faded with them which includes any super suits and weapons in possession. When the snap was reversed, they came back completely unharmed and their decimated possessions were restored too which includes earpieces.
  • 3Instead Of Trying To Pull The Gauntlet Off Why Didn't They Just Cut It Off
  • 4When Did Valkarie Get Her Horse Back When Ragnarok Seemed To Imply It Died Along With The Other Winged Horses
  • 5All The Female Just So Happen To Be Near Each Other
  • 6Tony Stark Being The Only One Who Gets A Funeral
  • 7The Idea That There Was Only One Scenario Where They Beat Thanos When There Was Other Ways They Could Have Won
  • 8Why Didn't Doctor Strange Portal Everybody Back To Earth In The First Place
  • 9How Did Bruce Know So Much About Thanos, Even His Name When He Was In Hulk Form The Whole Time
  • 10Why Couldn't Tony Make More Pym Particles The Same Guy Who Figured Out Time Travel
  • 11Why Didn't Doctor Strange Portal Everybody Back To Earth In The First Place When He Was Able To Do It In Endgame
  • 12Why Didn't Nebula Just Time Travel Away When Thanos's Ship Arrived
    While she couldn't do it at first because of interference from past Nebula it seems she had time to do it when his ship arrived and she was trying to warn black widow and Hawkeye.
  • 13Why Didn't Captain Marvel Trust Fly Into Space With The Glove Instead Of Going Straight Towards The Time Van
    Someone pointed out she could have went to space and came back down into the van.
  • 14Has Old Man Steve Rogers Been Around This Whole Time Or If He Came From Another Timeline Why Didn't He Come Through The Machine


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